Viktor S. Grebennikov is the scientist – naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter and, on the whole, comprehensively well-educated specialist with a. 5 Oct Using gravity-defying bug wings he put in a box, Viktor Grebennikov claimed to have made a device that could lift him off of the ground. Here is. Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov – naturalist and a professional entomologist. He is also an artist and an intellectual with a wide range of interests and pursuits.

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There are four tightly rolled and bleached, soft kidskin strips of parchment with Talmudic inscriptions carved into the cube.

Or else, just to walk up and down your palm, opening and closing ivktor gray wings on whose backside there is a fine ornament of round eyes?

Viktor Grebennikov

It is quite easy for me to do so and leave for the sunshine again. I had nothing to do with the sightings in Nalchik or Belgium. It is best to fly on clear summer days Flying is ciktor more difficult when it rains and almost impossible in winter. Tie them up with a string and press a bell-shaped cavity in the middle of the top roll. Some people’s fingers and viiktor muscles got numb, some felt giddy and developed profuse salivation.

I beg you all, take care of it! I do not doubt that they gregennikov able to find it because of the wave emitter created by their nest cavities. The radiometer was also silent, yet the ordinary human hands, and not only mine, would distinctly feel either warmth or cold, or a tingle, or sometimes a thicker, stickier environment.

Grebennikov may not be contacted through Iu. I fold the platform in half. Otherwise I would have bred a couple of hundred of those insects. Based on his discoveries, Griebennikov constructed a flying antigravity platform, which he claimed he had successfully performed long flights over Novosibirsk. I am ready to settle for the night on the very edge of the steppe on the grassy glade above the gully.


The platform could easily lift us both but, one can’t be too careful. I have had succeeded only when I positioned them vertically.

Now, let us fantasize a little: Electrets have numerous practical applications in the home and industry. I took a short rest, if one can call a few minutes of grebenniov over a lighted factory fence a rest and I glided back after I made sure that the “evil power” has passed.

nikov – Bio-Gravitics

It grebenmikov turned out that the CSE “ray” had a stronger impact on living organisms when it was directed away from the sun and also downwards, facing the Earth center. But this is only the beginning! The pilots themselves are “transformed” and they are observed as “humanoids” in silver suites, either short vrebennikov green, or flat as if made of cardboard Voronezh, etc.

My advice to those, who in their study of insects come across the same phenomenon and begin making and testing a “gravitoplane” by the way, I am convinced that one can’t make the discovery without insects is this: I have confirmed the latter conclusion grebenniko my many experiments on couching wheat seeds in a strong CSE field, as compared to the seeds germinating in the same grebennikof conditions but in the absence of the CSE field.

But no supercivilization on any planet of any supergalaxy is going to re-create this very glade with its complex, fragile, trembling life, with its lady’s bedstraws, meadow sweets and feather grass. Was I standing on the threshold of yet another mystery?

But I am already safe. Micro CSE The CSE effect may be manifested not just on galactic or household scales, but also in micro-world in substances whose molecules have cavities of certain shapes, for example in naphthalene.

Kaznev thinks that the regularity is determined by the CSE generated by the sun. It either erred, or sometimes its display window failed to light up for hours. It couldn’t be otherwise.

The Titus-Bode formula for the distance is this: His head, ears, mouth and the entire body felt something particularly unpleasant and it had felt gerbennikov same as what he felt under my grid. He has proposed that the matter of planets was grouped in the areas of the sun’s field force concentration. Please trust me, an entomologist with 60 years of experience. Take a thick, preferably well-read book and stand it upright on the edge of a desk with its back facing the direction of the sun north at night.


I myself have seen not only “columns” of insects in Siberia but, also “balls” of them, 3 to 4 meters in diameter. I will only mention one more thing.

This happens due to the work of multiple vesicular cavities of the material producing the CSE. I was “mowing” alfalfa with an insect net wading through the field and collecting the contents of the net, the insects, leaves and flowers, into a glass jar. Static charges cause objects to attract or repel. The handle is 4 cm thick at base and 1. But all screening platforms have the same quality.

Viktor Grebennikov – Wikipedia

My reasoning behind this invention was that people have been dealing with the honeybees for thousands of years and no one has ever complained about anything unpleasant related to them except, of course, for their stings. Hold such a pyramid above your friend’s head, first bottom down for about 5 min, then bottom up. Some perceived the “phenomenon” as glowing spheres or disks, many actually saw not one sphere but two!

Strangely, the dream came true precisely because of my friendship with insects yet, not by blindly copying the most noticeable parts, the wings that only make me smile now but, through careful study of living nature.