22 Nov Vanniyakula Kshatriya or Vanniar is one of the major communities in Tamil Nadu. Vanniyars are the only caste of Tamil Nadu to have a history of a book of. The name Vanniyar is derived from the Tamil word ‘Vanmai’ which means valor. At Sirkazhi Vaideeswaran Temple Inscriptions about Vanniyar Puranam are. Introduction / History Most Vanniyars in India are in the three adjacent southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andrha Pradesh, mostly concentrated in.

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பல்லவர் வம்சம்: Padayatchi

Very powerfully dem in vanniyar group add my histor. Rudolph notes that as early as inthe Vanniyar, who were then known as Pallis, had ceased to accept their “low caste” status, more specifically described as that of shudra by Christophe Jaffrelot and Kathleen Gough.

The members of the Vanniyar caste are known by several names depending on location and status. If Padayatchi is merely a caste title then why do they use another title? Sri Lankan Tamil Society and Politics.

Open Doors International ranking of persecution of Christians by country. A unique five-digit code used to identify a people group, regardless of how many countries the group lives in.


Cheran Irumborai, hats off to your sensibility! The Padayatchis had some internal divisions too which is not found among the rest of the Vanniyar caste. The horsemen historh named VanniRaya. The distinct difference for padaiyatchi is that they have separate god for their clan “kula deivam” like warrior gods like karrupumuniswamy,iyannar.

Social movements and social transformation: Can you please tell me the tamil ksatriyas in the Varna system??? About this two kings history are shows in lot of book and poems. Why do you all neglect the contribution of Thiru G.

We are the only Caste having high no of population in tamilnadu. I would like ttamil thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.

Vanniyar Veera Varalaru

Kavinraj Sanmugam 17 February at It also means Valour or Strength. I am very happy. It may be a caste title to vsnniyar other communities but it is a class and also a title for Vanniyars.

McGilvray states “Malayaman is a section of the Udaiyar caste in South Arcot today, but Burton Stein also finds the title in a vanniyad inscription identifying Vanniyar subcastes of South Arcot in the left-right caste classification typical of the Chola empire. In many parts of Tamil Nadu it is only the Vanniyars who were mentioned and called as Padayatchis.

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They know ways only in a right way to develop economically, socially and politically powerful.

Vanniyar – Wikipedia

Hi I’m from Malaysia my caste is arasu padaiyatci. There are four varnas vanniyaar Brahmin, Ksatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras. Unknown 12 July at Sema comedy Sir Nenga go and see the history it’s a Vanniyar sub caste nayakar which is stolen by Kandi naidus so called telungu nayakars Know more about the Vellala Slave Sudras http: Retrieved from ” https: Hello frds vanniyana pathi thappa sila website open pannirukkanunga.

It may be a caste title to some other communities but it is a class and also a title for Vanniyars.

I really proud as am a vanniyar also as we are ruler. Venkateswarlu Chennuboina October 26, at 6: It has been known on occasion for its violent protests against Dalit people. Anonymous October 23, at 5: