5 Feb Three years after his literary debut, Joshi published The Strange Case of Billy Biswas, possibly his most famous work. While in The Foreigner. Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas shows the process of alienation and rehabilitation via a 3-tier operation, namely, construction, deconstruction and . Like his first novel, The Foreigner, the second novel of Arun Joshi, The. Strange Case of Billy Biswas () also deals with man’s predicament in the civilized.

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Unlike Meena and Rima, Bilasia is not sophisticated and shallow. It has a good insight into the passionate human mind.

A must read for everyone who wants to do something different with their life, other than the normal routine monotonous things one does everyday. Frontmatter Editorial Arun Joshi: Volume 61 Issue 4 Octpp.

‘Return to Nature’: A Study of Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas

The story of the Anthropology professor at Delhi University being transformed into a completely primitive tribal man is something really strange. Apr 20, Komal rated it liked it.

Dec 16, Suhasini Srihari rated it it was amazing. Prices are subject to change without notice. Call for Papers Under Continuous Publication Model We are inviting papers and book reviews on any topic under the following broad disciplines throughout the year. Told from the point of view of Billy Biswas’s friend this book remains etched in my memory as one that I thoroughly enjoyed and will read again and again for years to come. Abstract Poststructuralist theory interrogates systems of thought and discursive regimes of knowledge in order to locate the underlying historical assumptions that shape and inform human subjectivity.


Billy is an affable guy with an aura of charm, delighting every one with his quick wits and engaging conversations. Billy returns to India and experiences only a change of scene and, Eliot-like finds the society in Delhi as spiritually dead and emotionally empty as materialistic America. Billy offers to share his apartment with Romi, which is situated in one of the worst slums of New York City.

The Author When I was reading the reviews of this book, I found many reviewers pointing out that the author has unjustly remained an obscure figure despite being such a fine writer. I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading this book. Certain excerpts from the letters are worth citing.

The language is simple and the articulation is neat.

The novelist expresses his distaste for the money-mindedness of the civilized people leading to the degradation of their souls. Works Cited Chandran, M. Nietzsche, Friedrich []. For queries please contact Chief Editor at principal bhattercollege. Compelling conversations throughout the book.

View all 9 comments. I googled Arun Joshi and still dont know as to why this man has gone ztrange an oblivion. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Grundlagen und Methoden einer handlungsorientierten Unterrichtspraxis Transnational Gothic. No trivia or quizzes yet. Really moved by it a lot.

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Full-fledged critical articles words. Would have never come across this book had a well read bookseller not thrusted it upon me, assuring that – “In sahib ne s mien wo sab likh ke chod diya jo aap log abhi dhang se samajh bhi nahi paa rahe hain” – which roughly translates to “This guy could pen down the very stuff so beautifully in s which you are grappling to even come to terms with”.


Artistically, they were dry as dust. In this sense, the novel is a record of a romantic nostalgia for the simple mode of life — the kind Rousseau, Thoreau, Gandhi and Wordsworth talked about.

The Novels of Arun Joshi: A beautiful and an amazing read this story was! After gaining a Ph.

The Strange Case of Billy Biswas by Arun Joshi

Quotes from The Strange Case My first fiction book in years! See all formats and pricing Online. Published in the s, the novel is the story of Billy, a guy that doesn’t belong in the bourgeoisie everyday world of yours and mine.

Return strajge Book Page. A very human association between two Indian students in New York is depicted where Romi meets Billy while desperately searching for a room.

By using the comment function on degruyter. This is a poetic tale of Billy, the man with strange obsessions and stranger ways of the world.