The Sane Society has ratings and 93 reviews. Elena said: This book has been a psychological survival manual for me. I will always be indebted to Fr. 23 Mar The Sane Society: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist Erich Fromm on How to Save Us From Ourselves. “The whole life of the. The Sane Society is a continuation and extension of the brilliant psychiatric concepts Erich Fromm first formulated in Escape from Freedom; it is also, in many .

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I had to admit, this time around, that his actual arguments were not very strong. A humane education of the spirit such as his work encourages can go a long way to securing inner freedom, and perhaps, some modicum of authentic freedom and meaningful participation within the social micro-unit of the family though the latter, too, is being junked on the altar of our two chosen gods, Sae and Technology.

Eerich Pangilinan – – Kritike 3 2: Some good diagnosis, poor treatment Fromm has some decent insights into man’s problems: It is the conflict between two principles of value: There’s a fun thing happening in Fromm’s use of English, since he seems to have written frmom first in English, then translated to German.

One choice excerpt from pg. It’s only when we abstract that people appear to be conforming, and that’s just a function of statistical thinking. Capital employs labor, and not labor capital. It doesn’t matter whether a factory is run by The People or by a capitalist if the workers are still alienated from the labor. That This may have been considered revolutionary at one point, but all these old-left guys have started to sound dane same to me.

MacmillanOct 15, – Political Science – pages. True enlightenment is on the horizon When I think about erlch I’ve known personally, none seems so driven by the need to conform that they’ve actually lost their uniqueness.


The Sane Society

What has often been called “human nature” is but one of its many manifestations – and often a pathological one – and the function of such mistaken definition usually has been to defend a particular type of society as being the necessary one. The aim eeich life is to live it intensely, to be fully born, to be fully awake. These imagined returns are to me the ultimate in laziness – if we all just go back to ‘that one past state I imagined and was not a part of’ usually a pre-industrial societythen all of the problems will fix themselves.

There was something about the 50s, though, that produced a lot of such literature.

The mentally healthy person is the person who lives by love, reason and faith, who respects life, his own and that of his fellow man. He’s given me better arguments than I could have forged on my own against falling This book has been a psychological survival manual for me. Art needs to be revived and put back into the hands of everyday people. The world that you see takes you so far from your most vibrantly revelatory instincts into reality.

On modern politics, perhaps remember again – this is from Still, I like dreamers, just who serve the benefits of humanity and there is nothing to bother about For it is invariably the claims of this better self, with its incessant nagging somewhere at the back of our minds, clamouring as it does for space to stretch and grow, that we’re often persuaded require junking for easy peace of mind. I will always be indebted to Fromm for providing me with a way to hold on to hope in the spiritual progress of the human experiment in what is often a spiritually barren world.

Fromm’s sane society by Paul Mattick

Postmodernism might not have quite the same power as it did in the 90s, but Fromm’s belief that there is such thing as human nature, with specific attributes and needs, and that saane cultures do a better job of nurturing its development, will still be challenging for many to accept. The sense of threat, the fear of dehumanization, must have been felt acutely in that era. Alienation, on the other hand, can only tue increased — but that seems more a matter of the scale of our society and its heightened selling and technological sophistication, not a matter of the particular economic system ghe have which isn’t purely capitalist, anyway.

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Many small discussion groups get together and their discussions and suggestions are collated into the company’s strategy.

Selected pages Title Page.

Ultimately, his work does provide a hope, however circumscribed, that the higher life of growth is not some naive pipedream of innocent schoolchildren not yet awakened to “the reality of things. Why i don’t change?

Marx, on the other hand, saw people as determined by their society, and most especially by their economic systems. To him and I highly agree! The Sane Society is a continuation of author’s previous works and I assume reasons of feeling so reluctant to rate it high now is perhaps I’m missing the other two.

The Sane Society – Wikiquote

Now the admittedly risky alternative of looking into recovering the deeper meaning of Success and Community Belonging is not usually recognized. User Review – Flag as inappropriate I read this book as a young man, and was impressed with the depth and perception of the material.

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