29 Jun One of the most profound moments in my life, the clarity of Wisdom Truly touched my Soul. The Holy Science presented Is A Guide for the Sons. SRI SRI SWAMI SRI YUKTESWAR GIRI Seventh Edit urn I Third Printing .. The ensuing effect is the idea of particles 4 THE HOLY SCIENCE — the . The Holy Science. Excerpts from The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. Forward by Paramahansa Yogananda. Prophets of all lands and ages have succeeded in.

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If man can “die,” that is, consciously put his entire nervous system, volun- tary and involuntary, to rest each day by practice of Pranayama, his whole physical system works with great vigor. But if man can control these THE PROCEDURE 53 involuntary nerves by the aforesaid Pranayama, he can stop the natural decay of the material body and put the involuntary nerves of the heart, lungs, and other vital organs to rest periodically, as he does with his voluntary nerves in sleep. That which produces opposite results, de- stroying our peace, throwing us into doubts, and creating our miseries, should be considered Asat, the bane of all good, and should be avoided as such.

Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar

Thus natural living is helpful for the practice of Yama, the ascetic forbearances as explained earlier. I U I Avidya, Ignorance, having the twofold power of polarity, manifests as egoism, attachment, aversion, and blind tenacity.

As this sphere is above the com- prehension of anyone in the creation of Darkness, Maya, it is called Alakshya, the Incomprehensible. Because it is not ap- proachable even by the Sons of God as such, it is called Agama, the Inaccessible.

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Why man is bound. Observation of organs of sense.

The Holy Science

Living depends upon the selection of 1 food, 2 dwelling, and 3 com- pany. The Atom, acquiring the power of de- termining right and wrong, becomes man, the rational being in the creation.

A message of such a nature was I chosen to propagate when I paid a visit to the Kumbha Mela being held at Allahabad in January Sleeping and waking states. But this basic truth is one not easily comprehended.

Holy Science : Sri Yukteswar : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

A short read but packs the content of an equivalent book of 10 times the size! I have written about the Christlike lives of these three great masters in my book, Autobiography of a Yogi I. The Word, Amen Awmis the beginning of the Creation. Thus again, we are led to infer from these observations that man was intended to be a frugivorous ani- mal. I claim that we. That’s the way it is in this world.

Similarly with the frugivorous animals, we find that their senses always direct them to fruits of the trees and field. I believe you got lift your consciousness and detach all strings to understand the vibrate and make gukteswar what he is saying through this book. In the other three ages, with their morning and evening twilights, the thousands and the hundreds decrease by one i.

Holy Science

The second is the magnetic-aura electricities, manifestations of Buddhi, the Intelligence that determines what is truth. There are indeed exceptional personages now living who, having overcome the influence of Time, can grasp today what ordinary people can- X2CIZ not grasp; but this book is not for those exalted ones, who require nothing of holh.


Books by Sri Yukteswar Giri. May 10, Papi rated it it was amazing. This spiritualized Atom, Chitta the Sciencdbeing the Repulsion manifested, produces five sorts of aura electricities from its five different parts: In this way man binds himself to life and death and fails to achieve final salvation. Man, comprehending this Chitta, becomes able to understand the whole of Dark- ness, Maya itself, of which Chitta is a part, as well as the entire creation. Philosophers, being able to comprehend the internal electrical Light that shines within them, find their heart’s love flowing energetically toward the Light that relieves them of all causes of excita- tion, cools down their system to a normal state, and, invigorating their vital powers, makes them perfectly healthy, both in body and in mind.

The manifestation of Omnipotent Force the Repulsion and its complementary ex- pression, Omniscient Feeling or Love, the Attrac- tion is vibration, which appears as a peculiar sound: They then accept this Light as their Divinity or Uukteswar.

Thus, being the seat of knowledge, jnana, it is called Jnanamaya Kosha. This state of human beings is called Treta; when this becomes the general state of human beings naturally in any solar system, the whole of that system is said to be in Treta Yuga.