Fi Zilal al-Qur’an is a highly influential commentary of the Qur’an, written during by Fi Zilal al-Quran . Tafsīr (Qur’anic exegesis) · Sunni. Tafsir fi Zilalil Quran and Tafseer ibne kaseer/tafsir ibn kathir are two most famous Al Quran sharif 30 para tafsir. Islam is our deen. Quran sharif is one pillar of. Full text of “TAFSIR FI ZILALIL Qur’an Sayyid Quthb English pdf” (Verse 2) Whichever 61 In the Shade of the Qur’an option is followed, retaining the marriage.

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This is a general statement describing a permanent situation. If they truly believe in God and the Last Day, they will be admonished. These comments, long and frequent as they are, give the impression that this question is the total sum of Islam.

The second message that the surah’s serious approach to marital and family matters delivers is how the Islamic system wishes to elevate these human ties to a sacred level that sees them linked to God. The marital tie becomes to him a sacred one since it is part of obeying God.

God will admit everyone who believes in Him and does righteous deeds into gardens through which running waters flow, where they will abide for ever. He also knows everything throughout His great kingdom.

You never know; after that, God may bring about some new situation. Only fear of God and a sensitive conscience provide effective restraint. In some tafxir, sex was viewed as filthy and women were thought of as evil, tempting men to indulge in such filth.

Nor is there any need for her to stay with her husband any longer. It is given by God to emphasize the need to maintain fear of Him in all situations. The link has no any problem. We note that this warning is given here in the context of outlining the rulings on divorce.

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Moreover, this directive implies the seriousness of the matter and that God watches us and requires those involved to be careful at every step.

Pregnant women are given special mention with regard to maintenance – which is due by right to every divorced woman – because the extra length of her waiting period may lead some people to think that maintenance is due for only a part of the waiting period, or that it may go further than the waiting period should it be very short.

He has issued them knowing all their situations, circumstances, interests and abilities. It repeats its directive to treat the other party with kindness, forbearance and mutual consideration, always preferring to do a good turn. The process of her divorce is completed and the marriage cannot be reinstated without a fresh marriage contract.

Only a perverted ignorant will stand in opposition to it. God is Munificent, All-Knowing.

This sort of psychological imprisonment can be terribly detrimental. The plural form is used here indicating that the address is to the Muslim community as a whole. This truth is relevant here in two ways: Today, we witness, as did our predecessors, such an outcome being suffered in the form of corruption, loose morality, poverty, drought, injustice and a life of fear that is devoid of peace and security.

Suhoor’s Poetry Lab 2 October at 2am. March 6, at 7: Azwanie 18 October at 10pm. Cities, peoples and nations tasted such outcomes when they defied God and refused to adopt the code of living He revealed to them.

It prescribes punishments for adultery and false accusations of adultery. This message is repeated in different ways in the surah because it has a telling effect in easing the hardship that divorce generates and softens the attitudes of both parties.

Because hayatus sahaba are noble being on earth.

TAFSIR FI ZILALIL QURAN | COMPLETE English, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay Languange

Nurudeen 30 September at 5am. Thank you very much. Imran Tariq 21 December at 2am. People live there nurturing ties of love, affection, mutual sympathy and care while observing values that maintain purity and the absence of lewdness. In this way, we see how divorce is linked to the most fundamental and essential facts of faith, both at the tafsie of the universe and the level of the human soul, 64 AL-TALAQ Divorce 65 tafair though divorce is a situation of ruin, not building, a severance, not initiation, and its subject matter is a family, not a state.


It does not limit itself to spiritual inspiration, but also adds legal provisions and guarantees. Those who implement them with a genuine God- fearing sense need fear no harm, while those who procrastinate, evade or try to harm others are threatened with the sternest punishment. Completing the term means the end of the waiting period. We see how the point of good provisions is mentioned here again so as to impress on people that the provisions in heaven are immeasurably better than what is provided here.

Further details are then given fj the level of maintenance, which should ensure tafir, fairness and cooperation. People may learn of the divorce, but the reinstatement of the marriage may escape their attention, which may lead to doubts and gossip. Relations within the family are shown in an atmosphere of clarity that radiates with mutual sympathy and genuine care: If some of you make things difficult, tafzir another woman suckle the child.

May Allah reward you immensely. Whoever transgresses God’s bounds wrongs his own soul.

It describes them very aptly in the following way: This is the test of their faith.