Suzanne Segal (–) was a writer and teacher about spiritual enlightenment, known for her sudden experience of Self-Realization which she wrote about in her book Collision With the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self. Collision with the Infinite has ratings and 17 reviews. Suzanne Segal is no longer alive, but her book is and it is incredible the way she is able to describe. Collision with the Infinite In the Spring of , Suzanne Segal, pregnant and 27, was living in Paris and waiting for a bus to take her home from a birthing.

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You’re not your thoughts and you’re not your emotions and you’re not your physical sensations. The terror was escalating rapidly, and the body was panic stricken, sweat pouring in rivulets down its sides, hands cold and trembling, heart pumping furiously. All the body’s signals seemed to take a long time to be picked up in this non-localized pla Waiting at a Paris bus stop, four months pregnant, Suzanne Segal was about to take a step that would change her life forever.

Suzanne Segal – Wikipedia

At this point she returned to exploring psychological themes from her childhood which included recovered memories of abuse and persistent migraines. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. The name referred to no one. The infinite perceives itself. It is very suzanhe. How can one not be inspired by the readings of someone how studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? It never for a minute obstructed the view of the Vastness for Itself.

Suzanne Segal

I also think that meditation is fine, but who is it that would stop the mind? Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Knowledge Philosophy for Heroes Book 1. Cut loose from sensory solidity, separated from and witnessing the body from a vast distance, I moved down the street like a cloud of awareness following a body that seemed simultaneously familiar and foreign.

Well, there is one thing that I think people hesitate to ask. But if you ask me, that’s misleading, because, if people think that they are already awoken, they will die without experiencing their true nature, because most of us are not lucky to have a sudden awakening at a bus station, like Suzanne had. Life became one long, unbroken koan, forever unsolvable, forever mysterious, completely out of reach of the mind’s capacity to comprehend.

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This book has become a classic in spiritual circles — some might say cult classic — and we recommend it highly. The experience of living without a personal identity, without an experience of being somebody, an “I” or a “me,” is segak difficult to describe, but it is absolutely unmistakable.

Reading can be a hindrance.

When the mind is confounded, it is stopped, and there is an openness. View all 3 comments. I want to comment on what you said about both knowing and not knowing simultaneously. One might imagine that a great weight would have lifted when the witness disappeared, but the opposite was true. That is a powerful answer. The Vastness that we all are is like an ocean that exists in relation to everything—as the Infinite noticing of everything being just what it is—Itself included.

I am the Infinite—no personal reference point—the substance of everything; I am the Vastness that is everyone and everything. Curiously, as she neared death, the author renounced her collision with the infinite, and said instead that it was a psychological response to the abuse she experienced as a child.

In the last part there is much what I expected, but then also a bit repetitive — the same phrases recur, I didn’t get too much insight — other than there is actually no way to get more insight than to have the same experience, by way of miracle or grace.

Buddhism cultivates loss of ego, and some Buddhist teachers congratulated her on attaining moksha. Twelve years after her initial break, Segal dramatically entered another phase of her experience, centered around a sense of unity of perception between herself and the world:.

I attempted to tell him what had taken place the day before, but I was just too far away to speak.

Collision with the infinite : a life beyond the personal self / Suzanne Segal – Details – Trove

After months of this mystifying witness awareness, something changed yet again: The mind has to go in and look at itself and try to see how it needs to be changed around, how the furniture needs to be moved around in the house of itself.

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In fact, better than before. However there are altered states of consciousness that make people think that they are enlightened. Instead of experiencing through the physical senses, I was now bobbing behind the body like a buoy on the sea. The Vastness does carry a very strong, non-personal desire to know Itself. It is seeing itself all the time, in every moment.

Only after a decade, she discovered what had really happened. The personal self was gone, yet here was a body and a mind that still existed empty of anyone who occupied them.

Why did these eyes open in the morning? It just happens and it is always happening.

This book can serve as a catalyst for the appreciation of the emptiness of self-existence rather than ocllision abhorrence and fear of it. Fortunately, there was an afterword that fleshed out what might have accounted for her depersonalization and would help the reader to better contextualize the author’s experience. The Magic of Accelerated Learning: It has its own sense organ that permeates it and exists at every point in it that colision always seeing things for being seyal they are and seeing Itself for what it is.

First of all, who would be doing the doing? No magic, it’s a science and I’m here to be your unique teacher. The disappearance of the witness meant the disappearance of the last vestiges of the experience of personal identity.

Fourteen years ago, when I was four months pregnant with my daughter, I was standing inffinite a bus stop in Paris, France. That is part of what I think this life of Collisioon has just been arranged to convey—that this is always who everyone is, nothing changes.

The mind, body, and emotions no longer referred to anyone — there was no one who thought, no one who felt, no one who perceived. But apparently, no one was able to give her the proper context of what was happening to her, until nearly a decade had passed.