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As the work is distributed between the entities it increases scalability and reliability. It is a known fact that a major amount of software projects require databases or persistent data in some form.

Shivprasad koirala | One stop place for c# ,.NET , SQL Server interview questions

NETinterview questions and answers: Hope you will like for more interview questions with answers https: Tables Shivprasqd and Customer Addresses have a one to many relationship i. According to this rule, CODD has only mentioned that some language should be present to support it, but not necessary that it should be SQL.

A sweet summary serger you will rock. The book does not go deep into the subject but it provides a chance to go through these questions and get ready for the interview in a short span of time.


String vs string C interview questions with answers. Data rows are where your actual row data is stored.

What are the different types of ioirala sensitivity? Second, the network traffic also comes down as compared to file server. NET Interview questions around Web. What is the difference between each version of MVC 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6? But note guys you can skip this statement. Learn MVC 5 step by step in 16 hours.

It can serve as a good alternative for Microsoft Access database as it overcomes quite a few problems which Access has. Explain Cohesion and coupling.

Whenever the interviewer is trying to go above the knterview normal form, there can be two reasons, ego or to fail you. Explain Lazy Loading in C? What is the difference between Connection Timeout and Command Timeout?

Can you explain class and object in real time scenario? How can we restrict types in generics? WPF Interview questions with answers.

SQL Server Interview Questions – Part 1 – CodeProject

NET Team lead interview questions. If Workload governor finds that the number of connections exceeds eight connections, it starts stalling the connections and slowing down the database engine. Educational and Professional Books. NET interview questions around Read only and Constant. So these three entities have a mutual relationship within them. All that logic about normal forms could be replaced with single phrase – avoid data duplication where it’s possible.


MSDE was always meant for trial purpose and non-critical projects. This is a referential integrity between Name and Address.

SQL Server Interview Questions – Part 1

Can you explain sixth normal form? NET and C Architecture level interview question? Shivprasad koirala10 Jan Data Encryption in Azure. Various projects make use of DB2 and Oracle as well but. MVC Razor interview questions.

SQL Server interview questions with answers: When Japanese kana characters Hiragana and Katakana are treated differently, it is called Kana sensitive. So in short, we can say:. It will help for all freshers and Intermediate candidate. Click and see details of package on. There are some english mistakes but i have written it off looking at the technical quality. Is CAS supported in.