Sikh Gurdwara Act, legislation passed in India unanimously by the Punjab legislative council in July to end a controversy within the Sikh community that. Pb. Act VIIL] SIKH GURDWARAS THE SIKH GURDWARAS ACT, ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS. PART 1. CHAPTER I Preliminary Sections. 1. 16 Apr Sikh Gurdwaras Act, was a piece of legislation passed by the Punjab Legislative Council on 9 July which marked the culmination of.

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The agitation continued and the government had another draft worked out. Further the Board shall have power to prescribe the limit of annual income of the gurdwara or gurdwaras which may be totally exempted from making the contribution payable to the Board under the provisions of this section. Recourse to ordinary courts in cases where action has not been taken under Part I, with a view to application of provisions of Part III to a gurdwara.

Act VIIL] SIKH GURDWARAS b fraudulently defaces, destroys or removes any list, notice or other document affixed by or under the authority of a Returning Officer, or c fraudulently defaces or fraudulently destroys and guurdwara or the official mark, if any, on any ballot-paper or any declaration of identity or official envelope used in connection with voting by special ballot paper; or d without due authority supplies any ballot-paper to any person; or e fraudulently puts into any ballot-box any thing other than the hurdwara which he is authorised by law to put in; or f without due authority destroys, takes, opens or otherwise interferes with any ballot-box or ballot-papers then in use for the purposes of the election; or g skh or without due authority, as the case may be, attempts to do any of the forgoing acts or willfully aids or abets the doing of any such acts.

Claim for compensation by hereditary office-holder of a Notified Sikh Gurdwara or his presumptive successor. Recourse to ordinary courts in cases where action has not been taken under Part I with a view to application of provisions of Part III to a gurdwara.

Sikh Gurdwaras Act, 1925

Manner in which Procedure on difference of opinion. Provided that no such notice need be sent if the person named as being in possession is a person who joined in forwarding the list. Revenue Estate of Dagru. When a notification has been published under the provisions of sub- deciared that a section 3 of section 7 in respect of any gurdwara, any hereditary office-holder or any place asserted to be twenty or more worshippers of the gurdwara, each of whom is more that twenty-one a sikh Gurdwara years of age and was on the commencement of this Act 4 [or, in the case of the is not such a extended territories, on the commencement of the Amending Act, as the case may be,] gurdwara.

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Police Station areas of Dasuya and Tanda. The study ultimately suggests that there is need for the Sikh Gurdwaras Act, to be redeveloped so that Gurdwara legislation, Gurdwara management and institutions of Sikh leadership epitomise and are a more authentic reflection of the teachings within the Sikh Sacred Scriptures.

A historical and theological evaluation of the Sikh Gurdwaras Act, – eTheses Repository

The executive committee of the Board shall exercise on behalf of the committee of Board all powers conferred on the Board by the provisions of this Act which are not Board. Annual election of executive committee. Short title, extent and commencement. On the occurrence of a vacancy in a Committee, a new member shall be committees.

Meetings of the Board other than the first meeting shall be called by twenty days’ notice in writing served on every member of the Board in such manner as may be prescribed by bye-laws made by the Board. Funds held in Trust by the Board for specified purposes.

Power to denotify 3[A Gurdwaraa State Government may, on gurdawra recommendation of the Board or exempt made by a resolution passed by not less than three-fifths of actt total number of non-historicai members of the Board in its general meeting, denotify or exempt any non-historical Gurdw aras. General power of committees. Suits for relief claimable by application under this Part, barred. Member of a committee Tribunal to dispose of petitions under sections 5, 6, 8, 10 and The Commission shall have its court and office at such place or places as the [State] Government may from time to time fix.

Schedule II contains the details of institutions which were not “Sikh” gurdwaras about the control of which no dispute could be raised. Entry of rights of gurdwara in revenue records.

Courts not to pass an order or grant acy execute a decree inconsistent with decision of a tribunal. Transfer of suits pending in courts. LIII ofsection 3. Act VIIL] SIKH GURDWARAS 6 For the purpose of any such audit and examination the auditor may grdwara a demand in writing, require from the committee or any member or servant of the committee the production before him of all books, deeds, vouchers and all other documents and papers which he deems necessary, and may require any person holding or accountable for any such books, deeds, vouchers, documents, or papers to appear before him at such audit and examination and to answer all questions which may be put to him with respect to the same or to prepare and submit any further statement which such auditor may consider necessary.

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Schedule I or schedule II unless the institution is deemed to be excluded from specification in schedule I under the provisions of section 4. Publication of petition and list received under sub-sections 1 and 2. Effect of publication 2 The publication of a notification under the provisions of sub-section 1 of a Notification shall be conclusive proof that the gurdwara is a Sikh Gurdwara, and the provisions of under Part III shall apply to the gurdwara with effect from the date of the publication of the sub-section i notification.

The members of the Board shall hold office for i[five] years from the date of its constitution or until the constitution of a new Gurdwada, whichever is later. Decision as to Board may hold and administer Trusts. List or property 2 A petition forwarded under the provisions of sub-section 1 shall state claimed for the the name of gurxwara gurdwara to which it relates and of the district, tehsil and revenue gurdwara and of estate in which it is situated, and shall be accompanied by a list, verified and signed by persons in the petitioners, of all rights, titles or interests in immovable properties situated in possession thereof Punjab inclusive of the gurdwara and in all monetary endowments yielding recurring to accompany a income or profit received in Punjab, which the petitioners claim to belong within petition under their knowledge to the gurdwara: