PDF | Summary of the Book written by Richard Tarnas about how ideas that have been generated through time shaped the thinking in the West. Richard Tarnas performs the near-miracle of describing profound philosophical The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped. 10 Sep I never thought before that a modular approach to a subject – every section kept firmly within its brief allotment of pages – was any way to learn.

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Idea was taken over into Latin and English, while eidos was translated into Latin as forma and into English as “form.

I would recommend this book to anyone. Having established that pivotal position within the Greek mind, we can then move backward mknd forward–retrospectively to the early mythological and Presocratic traditions, and then onward to Aristotle.

The Passion of the Western Mind by Richard Tarnas | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Knowledge derived from the senses is merely opinion and is fallible by any nonrelative standard. Richard Tarnas performs the near-miracle of describing profound wdstern concepts simply but without simplifying them.

In this, Plato represents the pinnacle of the unique synthesis of “eros” and “logos” — of passion love of wisdomand rational mind. Mar 21, Marc pasion it it was ok Shelves: It seemed evident to Plato that when many objects share a common property–as all human beings share “humanness” or as all white stones share “whiteness”–that property is not limited to a specific material instance in space and time.

The Passion of the Western Mind by Richard Tarnas

I’m really glad that Tarnas was able to keep it separate from the rest of his book except perhaps when he starts praising Jung and only briefly mentioning Freud. I really, really kid you not.

The greatness of the intellectual synthesis accomplished by Aquinas is beautifully expressed by the author. The Wall Street Journal. For a book that describes itself as one the encompasses the Ideas that Have Shaped Our World View, there was very little mention of the roles women played. Crosscurrents of the Hellenistic Matrix. In this perspective, every aspect of existence was patterned and permeated by such fundamentals.


Only the last chapter on Postmodernism doesn’t quite make it – but given that this book was published before Ken Wilber’s greatest works in so had not benefited from I This book gave me a great overview of the history of our thinking, and richsrd respect for the long traditions we benefit from. May 03, Dana rated it really liked it.

Tarnas, though, grounds that grasp of the present in the intellectual traditions that shaped the modern world, and begins in ancient Greece. They constitute the veiled passon of things.

There are no perspective-independent facts. Here Tarnas gets too fuzzy for me to appreciate his thinking. Yet Aristotle had such extraordinary impact precisely because that culture was so well prepared to recognize the quality of his achievement.

No one has hold of the Truth. That said, the material itself is interesting, and Tarnas does make good points here. A participatory epistemology implies that these archetype processes within us are in fact an expression of nature itself.

Contents The Archetypal Forms.

Passion of the Western Mind by Richard Tarnas |

The temples to Zeus, Athena and Apollo are clearly a celebration of mathematical elegance and human rationality as much as a celebration of the divine. In subsequent chapters, we shall pursue the historical development of the Greek vision as a whole, and thereby attend to the complex dialectic that led to Plato”s thought, and to the equally complex consequences that followed from it.

Eventually, mankind became disenchanted with and westeern from the world. The human subject, on the other hand, became empowered, liberated, and autonomous.

The Look of a Feeling: His long analysis of Christian thought, and how it affected our ways of thinking, is excellent, and he also shows how the cracks in the iron theology of the middle ages allowed the light of the Renaissance to seep in. Tarnas first thee the ancient world view, in which the self is undifferentiated from the world-soul in a participation mystique.

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MacLaren wrote that Passion “triggered a desire to understand my own belief system and how it connected to the universal issues of being human”. Jan 09, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: To evaluate one thing as “better” than another assumes the existence of an absolute good with which the two relative goods can pqssion compared.

Even Tarnws is hard to mknd, and he takes s of pages to make an argument for a continuous revolution of consciousness. Return to Book Page. Tarnas points out history seems to be coming to a culmination, something is definitely on the horizon for all of us.

The Christian World View. Where he is stronger, as regards Jung-think applied to civilization and its discontents, is in reference to Jung’s observation that the universe becomes conscious in us. It defines the line of thought through which they have progressed to where they are today.

In that minnd I can help my daughter understand the culture and motivations of a people so that she can acquire more than a stale chronology of history. The cosmos became a de-sacralized object, which is no longer imbued with divinity and meaning. If you want to wetsern the gap between how you and westerners tend to view much of the world around us, then this book helps you get on that track.

This is the anxiety expressed in so many recent writings, like those of