Pathwise Lesson Plan #2: Pre-internship .. are going to explain to them how we would like their posters to be formatted along with an example on the board.). EEX Cognitive Strategy Instruction Pathwise Lesson Plan Format (helpful hints in bold italics) Group members: Cooperating Teacher: Grade: Learning. Pathwise Instruction Plan: Pre-internship Adapted specifically to emphasize do you plan to collect before, during, and after the lesson (Examples: responses to.

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We will turn on some music and you will walk around the room, pondering your answer to the question. Download ppt “Unit 4 Lesson Planning. A lesson plan is a framework of a lesson in which teachers make advanced decisions about what they hope to achieve and how they would like to achieve it. The while-stage involves activities or tasks that the students must perform while they are reading or listening.

EEX Cognitive Strategy Instruction Pathwise Lesson Plan

Study the contents carefully and write a few objectives for the lesson. When planning the lessons, the teachers also become aware of the teaching aids that are needed for the lesson.

Practical solutions to teach grammar in context English. The aim of this part of the curriculum design process is to find the situational factors that will strongly affect the course. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Principles for good lesson planning Macro planning vs. We think you have liked this presentation. A prepared lesson is the beginning of a successful lesson; Unprepared teachers receive much less trust and cooperation from the students; Teaching and learning situation is constantly changing.


We will begin by asking you to reflect on a question. Unit 4 Lesson Planning Students: Share buttons are a little bit lower. At the practice stage, the lesson moves from controlled practice to guided practice of the text when necessary for deep understanding and accurate memorizing of the forms and using. Optional activities are used as backups in case the lesson goes on or there are a few minutes left before the class ends.

Unit 4 Lesson Planning. – ppt video online download

At the presentation stage, the teacher introduces new vocabulary and grammatical structures in any appropriate way for basic underdading the formand the meaning and its sound. Stages and procedures Teaching stages refer to the major chunks of activities that teachers go through in a lesson.

Write a paragraph to introduce your hometown or yourself. A clear lesson plan makes the teacher aware of the aims, the language contents, the skills to be developed, the activities to be organized, the procedures and steps to be designed, the time to be spent on them and the techniques to be chosen in the class clearly.

There has to be a kesson way! If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. It helps the teacher to distinguish the various stages of a lesson and their relationships so that the activities of different difficulty levels can be arranged properly and the lesson can move smoothly from one stage to another. Published by Cathleen Cobb Modified over 3 years ago. The post-stage provides a chance for students to obtain feedback on their performance in the while-stage.


Knowing about the profession: The pre-stage involves preparation work, such as setting the scene, warming-up, or providing key information such templats key words. Teaching procedures are detailed steps in each teaching stages.

Unit 4 Lesson Planning.

Agnew Associate Professor Agricultural Education. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The difference between a course, curriculum, and syllabus. Assignments left to students to finish after class should be flexible and various, students can do some writing work, oral work, collecting information or group-cooperative work, etc.

Auth with social network: Micro planning is for a specific unit or a lesson, which usually lasts one or lesso weeks or 40 or 50 minutes respectively. Step3 While-listening Listen to the tape and answer the questions. At the production stage, the students are encouraged to use what they have learned and practiced to perform communicative tasks, it focuses on free use. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Registration Forgot your password? Knowing about the overall objectives: Knowing about the textbook: End of lesson summary: Good planning gives teachers, especially pathwse teachers confidence in class.

Students are able to master a set of vocabulary describing towns and cities. It is often an individual activity.

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