A list of 50 phrasal verbs for you to learn for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) exam. 75 must-have phrasal verbs for FCE (CEFR level B2). Phrasal verb. AGREE WITH (sb) BE ABOUT TO (sth) BE BACK BE OUT OF (sth) BE OVER BE UP BLOW (sth) UP BLOW (sth) UP BREAK DOWN ​BREAK (sth).

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Doing this will help you to remember in the future.

Now Complete the following sentences using the phrasal verbs in the correct form from the previous exercise. What’s wrong with Bob? You will know some of these already, but there will be some that you don’t know or are unsure about. The boss won’t put up with lateness. Certoficate you look after your fiest dog, you try to find it.

I wish he would grow up. Their lawyers will draw all the official documents up sometime this month. She won’t stand for shoddy work. Will you help me pick them up? For all of them, I would recommend that you learn their meaning through an online dictionary the Macmillan Dictionary and the Cambridge Dictionary are two good ones and certifiicate create a sentence in your own words using them.


Pick on someone your own size!

50 Phrasal Verbs Commonly Used in the FCE Exam | Blair Exam English

Be sure you wrap up when you leave the house. Do you mind if I turn the air conditioner off? May I try it out? A person who makes up a story has invented it. They wore me out. Sometimes she’s very warm and friendly and sometimes she acts as if she doesn’t know me.

Your work really stands out! They turned us off.


Soar High and Achieve Excellence. It will go well with your dark brown suit. Can you turn it up a certiticate She got on the plane about 20 minutes ago. If you come across them while your’re cleaning the room, please put them in a phraasl place. When she was walking home last night, two men held her up and took her purse and jewellery. I didn’t find out find out about it myself until just a few minutes ago.

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The mayor called classes off because of the snow. I filled it out and mailed it over three weeks ago! I was cleaning your office yesterday, and I this photograph of your ex-girlfriend!

As soon as they arrive home from school, they make for the refrigerator. To watch the video, click on the phrasal verb you want to learn the meaning of.

May I try it on? Some of the below phrasal verbs have more than one meaning.

Phrasal Verbs Examen First Certificate

That’s more than I expected! If a car pulls outit has a problem with the engine. If I don’t do it soon, it’ll be impossible to finish it in time. I guess I should take it back to the library. There is a YouTube llista for each of the 50 phrasal verbs listed below that will help you learn and remember its main meaning.