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It never occurred that a person was rejected because of his Jewish blood.

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Gaspar de Loarte d. Christ saved both Jews and Gentiles, for they are united as one people by the virtue of regenerative baptism, as St. He entered the Society inand Borja admitted him to the profession in ; just one year later Borja appointed him rector of the College of Naples.

Yet, they kept practicing Judaism secretly. He unsuccessfully suggested that Loyola remove from the Jesuit Constitutions the question about the converso background of the Jesuit candidates.

See Mon Borgia 3: Quod plerique, coniectura haud dubia, repellendo Polanco accipere: Jesuit Education and the Cultivation of Virtue Full description.

SMRT 146 Maryks -The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews (2009).pdf

Since the issue had been partially treated in the previous theorem, its exposition here is briefer. Who suffers because of this scandal should go to a enchiridjon and demand that orafiones fulfill what is right by the public authority of law and the established order, and that nobody intend, out of his own authority outside the established order, to do violence against all or any of them, which is contrary to the teaching of the divine and human laws.


See also John W. Juan de Montoya was visitor and provincial in Sicily under Borja and, like Plaza, was sent to Peru, where he died in see Scaduto, Catalogo, p.

Acosta died in Salamanca in Alonso de Cartagena too used this expression in his Defensorium see Cartagena, Defensorium, ed. This appointment made him the most authoritative interpreter of the Jesuit way of proceeding to Jesuits who had never met Loyola in person.

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Some argue that the Spanish Jews were named marranos, i. New Christians, who to Palmio are still Jews, are overly ambitious, insolent, Janusfaced, pretentious, despotic, astute, terrible, greedy for power, and infamous. Although Magifas warns that debarring the noblemen of Jewish stock would produce offense to their families which Acquaviva would take into consideration in his secret instruction that we shall analyze belowhe concludes that other important princes and noblemen might feel offended by the very presence of Jews, so barring them from the Society would be worth the risk.

The Directory was the fourth most published Jesuit book on confession, with at least seventy-six editions reprints and translations included.

Yet, through the water of baptism the Jews are liberated enchiridjon this kind of slavery to become sons of Sarah— whose womb represents the Church Militant—and their impurity is made purer than snow Psalm The accomplished Parisian and Salmantican biblicist, Pedro Ortiz d.

Va animado mucho con esperanza que el Mtro. Toronto University Press,especially pp. But now that this morning the general congregation elected you assistant by a majority of all except one or two votes, Joseph is unable to restrain himself any longer from congratulating his dearest brother [Genesis The Italian Jesuit historian Francesco Sacchini — Taking advantage of this opportunity to travel to London, Ribadeneyra was asked to explore the possibility of establishing the Society there, but the rise in power of Queen Elizabeth I — forced the young Jesuit to return hastily to the Continent.


His father, who was an affluent pharmacist, oraxiones found the Jesuit College in his native city.

Pedro de Ribadeneyra as the biographer of Ignatius of Loyola Igitur quando parentes illorum Iudaei perfidi, maiores autem ebchiridion christiani fideles erant, illi non veri filii Abrahae, sed nostri veri filii erant. Here one does not look at the matter so closely in the light of what is the race of one who is seen to be a good person, just as nobility does magicaa suffice for admission if the other qualifications are lacking.

This complaint compromises the name of the Society itself and the fruit it would bring, if this situation were more regulated.

The pope immediately issued three bulls against the Sarmiento legislation ofthe most important of them being the Humani generis inimicus 80 Oracioned Cartagena, Defensorium, ed. The Order of Things Foucault.

From its earliest use, it was intended to impart the sense of loathing conveyed by the word in other languages. To tell you the truth, if our Lord would like me to choose this lineage to be born of, I would not choose other than yours. On other quotations from Finus regarding the Talmud as a enchiridiln of laws against Christians, see Simancas, Defensio, f. A Multibiography Washington, D.