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In the background of all of his speeches an invisible script or subtext is perceived, which unifies his discursive strategies and contains moral underpinnings, an inter-subjective discourse reflective of popular language, philosophic bases of ideals and a call to action. Among its parameters she includes linguistic, paralinguistic, ideological and cultural competencies as well as psychological determinations, among other considerations.

Determining the origins and characteristics of his narrative, how it is constructed and who enuunciacion interlocutors are.

Explaining how his discourse reflects or is inspired by Uruguayan culture and national history.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

Comparatively, his designation of a destinatary in the second person plural is much less frequent than his reference to the first person plural with a clear unifying intentionality.

Sheinvalidates enunciadion theory of a universal kerbfat shared by all speakers, claiming that it ignores the natural phenomena and variations within linguistic exchanges Kerbrat-Orecchioni De Giorgi, Ana Laura Legitimation Strategy D2, A first stageidentifiedthe traces of the subject subjectivity and a second stagelooked at the modes in which he referred to othervoices inter-subjectivity.

The fourth milestone corresponds to the presidential address of 1 March D4, The corpus includes five speeches that correspond to the most relevant socio-historical milestones in a timeline spanning from to This moderation was maintained throughout his presidential campaign through a discourse that was constructed around the priorities of citizens. The corpus comprises the following speeches 9: Orecchioi consisted in a quantitative analysis of deictic frequencies, the visual organization of utterances issued by multiple-destinataries in three columns proponents, opponents and undecided partiesthe preparation of a table to collect information from the corpora on how the enunciator built his image, the kkerbrat of the verisimilitude of actors in the political narrative script, the lexicological inventory of frequently used expressions, and visual graphs reflecting the evolution of his political power.

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The negotiations made by Mujica in this discursive space confrontation and persuasion and the evolution of his proto-theory were analyzed. Said axis unifies the narrative around the person, the discursive field kebrat the system of beliefs.

Towards this end, the manifestation of subjectivity in the corpus was studied at different moments of his political career.

Through a diachronic discourse analysis the evolution of his words-language-discourse was examined and continuity was observed in the philosophical themes that constitute his enunfiacion core paradigmatic enunciations. The socialist values in the concept of Hombre Nuevo include solidarity, self-criticism, tolerance, learning, change, sincerity, humanity, simplicityand empathy towards the poor. He strategically appeals to the loyalty of militants who continued to support theirleaders while in prison.

According to Riorda Secondly, Mujica utilized symbolic language to create bonds of trust and his rhetoric worked as an instrument of social interaction.

Ittakes into account parameters oftheverbal interaction and the competencies required of speakers to achieve communication. Through this triangulation, the objectivity kedbrat research findings was increased and preliminary conclusions were broadened.

The study comprised two stages: Enunciation Theory remains theoretically bound to abstract linguistic explanation, despite its consideration of extra-linguistic elements that influence the communicative event. Charlando con Pepe Mujica.

Los hermanos Saravia y su frontera insurgente. The contra-destinatary or negative destinatary, who is the adversary; and 3.

La subjetividad en el discurso político del presidente Mujica: la construcción de su relato

Sinceethos underlies theenunciational performance, Mujica sets himself on stagediscursively phonetically, syntactically, through gesture, etc. It is worth recalling that the invariant nucleus remains stable across his discursive field. The third milestone corresponds to a harangue, captured in video,delivered in by Senator Mujicawho addressesa rural community in the Cerro Largo Department to persuade them to vote for FrenteAmplio D3, Enhnciacion The core objective of this study was to prove, through an in-depth emblematic case in political communication, how discourse analysis can contribute to the comprehension of the phenomenon of politics, while developing a theoretical approach for the analysis of other political discourse corpora.

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We loved spiders andloved ants, because they were the only living thing we had in our solitaryprison cells. The enunciation act is at the same time a reply and an anticipated reply. Persuasion and the Construction of Power. Mujica shows himself as the motivator of a political force as he addresses a people-nation that has witnessed the public works carried out by the Eninciacion in Government,and which are harshly criticized by the opposition.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun – Wikimedia Commons

Similarly, Kerbrat-Orecchionimetaphorically describeshow subjectivity permeates language: Mujica is chosen by fellow Tupamaros to deliver a speech,hours after being released from prison where theyspent 13 years. This new paradigm that Mujica encourages has its origins in an invariant nucleus of ideas and values that he has long possessed, guided by a worldview or W eltanschauung enunciaccion governs his discursive field, and a system of multiple strategic variations he uses to expand it, whilstantagonizing with his present adversary.

The five speeches belong to each of these discursive strategiesused by Mujicato expand his domestic and foreign persuasive influence. In the same discourse Mujica says: Her approach is outlined in figure 1.