Jürgen Moltmann (born 8 April ) is a German Reformed theologian who is Professor Moltmann has become known for developing a form of social trinitarianism. His two most famous works are Theology of Hope and The Crucified God. 21 quotes from The Crucified God: The Cross of Christ as the Foundation and Criticism of Christian Theology: ‘When God becomes man in Jesus of Nazareth,.. . Below is a list of all posts (so far) in my blog series on The Crucified God by Jürgen Moltmann. I will update this page as new posts are added. Several of the .

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Moltmann immediately went to work in an attempt to express a theology that would reach what he called “the survivors of [his] generation”. The first mode is the political meaning of freedom as supremacy. What happened there affected him very deeply.

The Crucified God: 40th Anniversary Edition

In other places, Moltmann mentions that “Faust” was included in the collection of Goethe’s poetry. For the next few years —48he was confined as a crudified of war and moved from camp to camp. Sin bases itself in hopelessness, which can take on two forms: At Norton Camp, he discovered Reinhold Niebuhr ‘s Nature and Destiny of Man —it was the first book of theology he had ever read, and Moltmann claimed it had a huge impact on his life.

Moltmann, The Crucified GodLondon: Moltmann was born in Hamburg. It can arouse compassion. Moltmann corroborates moltmanh ideas with those of Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Jews in an attempt to reach a greater understanding of Christian theology; which he believes should be developed inter-ecumenically.


Moltmann’s liberation theology includes an understanding of both the oppressed and the oppressor as needing reconciliation. Thus according to Paul’s understanding, in the ‘word of the cross’ the crucified Christ himself speaks.

This is to say that he believes the three dwell cfucified one another.

The Crucified God

Nor does it mean admiration of a hero and a mystical contemporaneity with him. Retrieved from ” https: Thanks for telling us about the problem. A faith which worships Christ as God without his future, a church which understands itself as the kingdom and a consciousness of atonement which no longer suffers from the continued unredeemed condition of the world, a Christian juren which regards itself as God here present upon earth, cannot tolerate any Jewish hope beside itself.

Moltmann had hope that the example of the ” Confessing Church ” during the war would be repeated in new ecclesiastical structures. This deals with the relationship between crucifiec and their common future project.

The Crucified God – The Moltmanniac

Archived from the original on jurgn Moltmann in May Theology of the Pain of God. The suffering in the passion of Jesus is abandonment, rejection by God, his Father.

Like the Left Hegelians who immediately succeeded the master, both Moltmann and Pannenberg are determined to retain the sense of history as meaningful and central to Christian discourse, while avoiding the essentially conformist and conservative aspects of his thought.


For the suffering in suffering is the lack of love, jurfen the wounds in wounds are the abandonment, and the powerlessness in pain is unbelief. Sign in with Facebook Moltjann in options. Suffering can be celebrated and admired.

It is a relation of a subject with an object, where the goal is to enhance the supremacy of the subject. Here, an indwelling of the Spirit allows humans to be friends with God. This “mutual liberation” necessarily involves a “liberation of oppressors from the evil they commit; otherwise there can be no liberation for a new community in justice and freedom.

He described his German upbringing as thoroughly secular. The Christian church can re-introduce the divisions between the religious and the profane and between those who are within and those who are without, only at the price of losing its own identity as the church of the crucified Christ.

Refresh and try again. This theological perspective of eschatology makes the hope of the future, the hope of today.

World Council of Churches. In Moltmann’s opinion, all should be seen from an eschatological perspective, looking toward the days when Christ will make all things new. The hospitality of the Scottish residents toward the prisoners left a great impression upon him.