Na Drini ćuprija has ratings and reviews. Henrik said: I started learning serbo-croatian three years ago, my teacher recommended this book, as.. . Na Drini cuprija – Ivo Andric () Writers: Ivo Andric (novel), Ljiljana Mrkic- Popovic (adaptation) | 1 more credit» Credited cast: Tihomir Stanic Ivo Andric. Summaries. Ivo Andric as a bridge between the cultures of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and, the new, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, suffers blows on.

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Long, agonizingly boring historical novel about a bridge, of all things, with some vaguely racist nationalist andfic thrown in for good measure. However, they’re connected only thematically. University of California Press.

This book wasn’t bad per se, but it is very difficult to read in the sense that it drags on and is simply a translated historical account of this bridge. The book is about the life of the bridge, built hundreds of years ago it’s a real bridge. Other books in the series. As time progresses, legends develop around the history of the bridge. Good articles Articles containing Serbo-Croatian-language ivl Articles containing Serbian-language text.

Na Drini ćuprija

The bridge is built by serfswho intermittently stage strikes and sabotage the construction site in protest against the poor working conditions.

In the ensuing decades, as the Ottoman Empire continues to decline, Bosnia is ravaged by plague.

I have a little better understanding anric the region, but not much. It is interesting and reads somewhat mythologically, but took me a very LONG time to read it.

ddrini The one star isn’t for the bo I started learning serbo-croatian three years ago, my teacher recommended this book, as a difficult but reasonable challenge for my level of knowledge at this point. The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage. The Bridge on the Drina Serbo-Croatian: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The bridge replaces the unreliable ferry transport that was once the only means of traversing the river and comes to represent an important link between the Bosnia Eyalet and the rest of the Ottoman Empire. Aspden, Peter 27 June The bridge, on the other hand, stands for centuries without maintenance because of how well it was constructed.

Kozba rated it did not like it Nov 01, Zebardast Zebardast rated it did not like it Jul 12, Curija most famous example of mean spirited and continuous greater-Serbian propaganda in which Serbs are always good natured, good looking and suffering immensly, while Bosniaks are always refered to as Turks, ugly, physicaly imperfect, sndric and full of hatred.

Local children begin to be educated in Sarajevo, and some go on to continue their studies in Vienna.

Silber, Laura 20 September Thus, the novel can be seen as having contributed to the formation of this national self-image. The novel’s first pages deal with the bridge’s construction and the remaining revolve around the Austro-Hungarian period.

Busra Sari rated it did not like it Aug 02, People from all parts of Austria-Hungary arrive, opening new businesses and bringing the customs of their native regions with them. The story spans about four centuries and covers the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian occupations of the region, with a particular emphasis on the lives, destinies and relations of the local inhabitants, especially Serbs and Bosnian Muslims Bosniaks. I was dissapointed when the book arrived because I received a Russian translation of it and sadly I don’t read any Russian.

The bridge is a symbol of how the Turks are savages, or something. University of Pittsburgh Press.

“Biti covek: Ivo Andric” Na Drini cuprija (TV Episode ) – Plot Summary – IMDb

The bridge is wider across the middle portion, known as the gate or kapijaand this section becomes a popular meeting place. Nefeli Katsafourou rated it did not like it Jul 13, I really wanted to learn about the history of this region, which I know very little about.


Questions of Identity and Modernity. Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia Ottoman Empire. This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat On the other hand, it divides the town’s inhabitants by acting as a constant reminder of the Ottoman conquest.

Jan 23, Edward S. Turcizmiwords of Turkish, Arabic or Persian origin that had found their way into the South Slavic languages under Ottoman rule.

Na Drini ćuprija by Ivo Andrić (1 star ratings)

Osore Misanthrope rated it did not like it Jul 25, Due to lack of state funds, the caravanserai is abandoned and falls into disuse.

The boy’s mother follows her son wailing until she reaches the Drina River, where he is taken across by ferry and she can no longer follow. Although beautifully written, I had to make myself finish. Encyclopedia of Literary Translation Into English: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The locals tell of two Christian infants who were buried alive inside the bridge to placate the fairies vile that thwart its construction. On the one hand, it marks the end of traditional Ottoman life in the town and signals the unstoppable oncome of modernity, while on the other, it foreshadows the death and destruction that await Bosnia and Herzegovina in the future.

A Grammar with Sociolinguistic Commentary. Andric’s hatred of Bosnian muslims is well documented throughout his miserable life and this book is just another example of it. After the Second World War, he spent most of his time in his Belgrade home, held ceremonial posts in the Communist government of Yugoslavia and was a Bosnia and Herzegovina parliamentarian. Not knowing much about the author, except that he was a croatian and then serb Nobel laureate, I ordered it.