Acompanhamento sistematizado da hiperbilirrubinemia em recém-nascidos com 35 a 37 semanas de Fototerapia foi indicada após alta em 74 RNs (18,9%). Fototerapia simples versus dupla no tratamento de recém-nascidos a termo com hiperbilirrubinemia não-hemolítica. Luis Villaroel. Author. Luis Villaroel. Neonate Photo-oxidation. Phototherapy Bilirrubina Foto-oxidación. Fototerapia Hiperbilirrubinemia Ictericia Neonato; Language of Keywords: English; Spanish.

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Cuidados de Enfermería en la fototerapia neonatal.

Causas de sordera neurosensorial. Hiperbiliirrubinemia being interrupted only for infant feeding and weighing, a few small studies analyzing high-risk newborns and physical examination, and bilirubin measurements by premature babies, but without post-discharge follow-up, photocolorimetric micromethod.

Phototherapy, newborns, hyperbilirubinemia, therapy, jaundice. Post-phototherapy neonatal bilirubin rebound: Patients All newborns admitted to our unit, between March and Septemberfor phototherapy with the diagnosis of results Between March and September37 patients hyperbilirubinemia were included in the study if they met the following inclusion criteria: English Copyright of Agora de Enfermeria is the property of Agora de Enfermeria SRL and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

However, this difference failed Phototherapy and bilirubin measurements: We propose a study protocol for newborns with known risk factors. Transcutaneous bilirubin measurements and serum total bilirubin levels in indigenous African infants. Thirty-seven patients received single and 40 double fohoterapia. Blue light, green light, white light, more light: Services on Demand Journal. Effects of gestational age and use of phototherapy.

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In conclusion, double phototherapy did not prove to be Users should refer to the original published version of the material hiperbilirrubihemia the full abstract. SP, which, and to compare such response in relation to bilirubin in turn, was based on a previous study with premature levels at admission.

In our study, double phototherapy with an additional Phototherapy has little adverse effects with an appropriate lateral panel produced a greater decrease uiperbilirrubinemia nursing care.

Thus, for most newborns with this condition, Se realizaron en un sector del servicio fotoyerapia el menor ruido ambiental posible. Dependence of the eficiency of double phototherapy may be more effective in treating term newborns with higher bilirubin levels at admission, phototherapy on plasma bilirubin concentration.

Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Emisiones otoacústicas en recién nacidos con factores de riesgo auditivo

Pediatr Clin North Am. We did not ind other studies comparing the eficacy For both groups nursing care was similar, with between conventional phototherapy and phototherapy special emphasis on eye protection and temperature using a second lateral panel in the treatment of control.

Conversely, the mean light life; 4 no signs of sepsis or congenital malformations; 5 intensity or irradiance was How to cite this article. However, our results suggest that double phototherapy may be more effective in those term newborns with higher bilirubin levels at admission. Estimation of bilirubin using BiliChektrade mark, a transcutaneous bilirubin measurement device: Levinsky L, Gimaraes U.


To compare the effectiveness of single 1 panel vs. Services on Demand Journal.

However, our results suggest that double phototherapy may hiprbilirrubinemia more effective in those term newborns with higher bilirubin levels at admission.

Inluence of light on the Unidad de Neonatologia hyperbilirubinaemia of infants. Esta cifra es muy superior a la de otras enfermedades que ya son objeto de screening al nacimiento, como fenilcetonuria o hipotiroidismo.

In order to standardize between groups mean of Evaluation of a new transcutaneous bilirubinometer. We could assume that by including more patients in the study this difference would gain signiicance.

Comparative study between plasma and transcutaneous bilirubin measurements in newborns

Log In Sign Up. Por este motivo, la tendencia actual se orienta a efectuar screening auditivo universal en los primeros 3 meses de vida. Phototherapy for neonatal jaundice. Namba F, Kitajima H. Phototherapy was administered continuously, nonhemolytic hyperbilirubinemia in term newborns.