Harivarasanam lyrics in English. Harivarasanam visva mohanam haridha deeswarm marathya badhugam arivimarthanam nithya narthanam hariharathmajam. 19 Dec LYRICS ADDAA. LYRICS OF ALL TYPE SONGS IN IMAGE FORMAT. ANYONE CAN EASILY DOWNLOAD IT AND REFER. 20 Nov For more than three decades, the song ‘Harivarasanam’ has resonated that it was not Kulathur Iyer, but Janaki Amma who penned the lyrics.

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The lyrics was provided by Mr. Any way lyric is good and it is very nicely sung by Dr. Posted by Anuroop on February 6, at 7: Harivarxsanam using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The one who has a beautiful face.

Harivarasanam malayalam lyrics

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Gopala Menon used to recite “Harivarasanam” with devotion during his time at Sannidhanam.

Posted by sai praveen on December 19, at Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hey, Any way lyric is good and it is very nicely sung by Dr.


Thanks a ton for the lyrics and the meanings. Posted by meeraghu on January 5, at He who is worshiped by the three worlds, He who is the soul of all gods, He who is the lord of Shiva, He who is worshipped by devas, He who is who is worshipped three times a day, He whose thought is fulfilling, Son of Hari and Hara, I take refuge in thee God.

Posted by Pramod Vittal Rao on August 12, at This type of God is introduced into the society to avoid clashes between religions and castes. When the Devaswom Board was formed, he was asked to move out.


There is a song for Sri Krishna in the same type Sarnam Sri Krishna, if you get can you please put here. The very words like Dharma sastha, saranam, no caste or religous discrimination etc lyeics leads to memory of Buddhist worshiip which was very prevelant in Kerala centuries back.

Notify me of new posts via email. My refuge is in you Ayyappa, My refuge is in you Ayyappa.

Posted by Srinath on August 4, at Also if you like publish in your website will help our community Reply. Posted by ramya on February 11, at Posted by Raja on July 27, at 2: Lyeics …i love ayyappa and yesudas Reply. Hi Friends, Irrespective of differences in opinions, I see a lot good thoughts in the above discussions.


Harivarasanam Lyrics

Once again Thanks a lot…. Join 2, other followers. He who is dear to his devotees, He who fulfills wishes, He who is praised by Vedas, He who blesses life of harivarasqnam, He who is the essence of Vedas, He who enjoys divine music, Son of Hari and Hara, I take refuge in thee God. Posted by Arti on April 25, at 7: Hraivarasanam a madhwa I do harivaarsanam find any harm in listening to this song.

He who rides a horse, He who has a pretty face, He who has the blessed mace as weapon, He who bestows grace like a teacher, He who loves songs, Son of Hari and Hara, I take refuge in thee God. Posted by sudharsan on June 1, at 6: Posted by karthik on December 14, at 5: As the song ends, only the Melsanthi is inside.