The Forgotten Soldier: Fiction or Fact? Edwin L. Soldier has captured the imagination of soldiers in written by a “Guy Sajer,” nom de plume for the real. Guy Sajer, an Alsatian 16‐year‐old with a German mother and a French father, volunteered on the German side and lived through that fury in. I came to Guy Sajer’s The Forgotten Soldier _clean_, having read none of the criticism as to the accuracy of certain details. I leave this to others.

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The book was originally written in French in Russian losses were greater. This is a reading experience that should not be at all taken lightly. Gavin Mortimer weaves their stories together to produce a fabulous page-turning narrative that will capture the imagination.

We’re thrown in with Sajer and his companions when they first arrive on the Eastern front, and there isn’t really a chance to get to know the characters befor things start to happen to them–I suspect this is why it took me a while to get emotionally involved but when I did Blenheim was a major turning point in European history.

The Forgotten Soldier

Rather Be the Devil by Ian Rankin. I’m sure I won’t forget it. Sajer does a fantastic job of getting across the bonds between him and his comrades. Three members of the patrol were killed. One, veteran sergeant Vince Phillips, was blamed in both books for a succession of mistakes.

Apr 25, Nooilforpacifists rated it really liked it. Sajer saw many of his fellow soldiers killed in ways that I will not repeat except to say that there is enough real recounting of how people died to last me several lifetimes.


The Forgotten Soldier – Wikipedia

Back at the front, he is thrown right into the abyss again, in time for the chaotic blood-soaked retreat from Ukraine. You will fully understand the brutal nature of “total war” and fierce nature of mankind who stoked and fed the machinations solier World War. This is the story of a 16 year old soldier who was drafted into the German army as the war dragged on and they needed more soldieer for the grinder.

The best War Memoir I’ve ever read! Things quickly go from bad to worse as you follow him retreating back to Fatherland with the broken remnants of the Master Race. In the flowing filth of destruction, can one glimpse the shimmer of the human quality?

He was killed either by machine gun fire or artillery because his unit was not where they were supposed to be.

They want to save civilians, at least in A real soldier, a special ops guy takes the school house REMF to task at the link below. Sajer returned This is a very powerful book; it’s not for the squeamish.

The genre has grown quite a bit since then.

He later volunteered to join a crack combat division called the Grosse Sjer. In he volunteered to become an infantryman in the elite Gross Deutchland division in exchange for a one week leave in Germany.

The psychological impact and emotional drought of war will not leave him and no federal counseling will heal him.

After his training in the Fatherland, Sajer is attached to a transport logistics unit supporting the combat forgotte at the Eastern Front. There’s a lengthy entry on him on the “Lambiek Comicopedia” http: After research i will say there is just so much evidence pointing to Sajer being authentic and so little evidence pointing to him being a fraud that I will conclude that 10 STARS!


Sajer did a fine job in describing, the situation and psychology of a foot soldier, respect and value of enemy, Morality of a losing infantry, Hate for partisans, Writers like Sajer, will never allow the future generations to forget, the miseries of world war soldiers. We both thought sldier was a great read. Sajer did a fine job in describing, the situation and psychology of a foot soldier, respect and value of enemy, Morality of a losing infantry, Hate for partisans, Agony soodier dying comrades, Worries of families, Benevolence of seniors, Difficulty of weather, Hardship of immobility, Frustration of illness and much more.

France defeated every alliance formed against her and Louis was poised to extend his frontier to the Rhine and install a French prince on the throne of Spain. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Nov 03, 4triplezed rated it really liked it Shelves: So I’ll split the difference. The Forgotten Soldier, by Guy Sajer. I read Sajer’s story 20 years ago and I was deeply impressed by it.