5 Oct Science of Grapho-therapy explained. Neuro-science and handwriting combine to transform the unconscious mind. 20 Oct A form of psychotherapy, which is popular across the world, graphotherapy is slowly inching its head up in India. An off-shoot of graphology. 26 May By changing handwriting as per graphotherapy, you can change your life. You just need to practise graphotherapy exercises properly. Find out.

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Handwriting Analyst 17 May, 6. Scientific works by Eric Kandel related mainly to the study of learning and graphotheraoy processes, considering the so called neuronal plasticity reflect this.

Handwriting Analysis Chart 2 April, Graph-motor is carried out with the use of borders called fretworks, which are formed by straight and curve strokes, depending on the traits and movements that we seek to strengthen or soften. It is not the mere absence of disease, but a state grapjotherapy complete physical, mental and social well-being. We at Addlife Caring Minds offer our patients varied services from psychometric assessment, detailed diagnosis, psycho-education for the client, caregiver and community along with tailor-made workshops.

Size of letters in Handwriting 15 January, 2. This is graphotherpy creative Graphotherapy uses mandalas.


They have their ancestral origin in India, but they have been spread throughout the eastern cultures. Every human being has a unique personality. Through the use of mandalas, he managed to discover the shaded subconscious content, achieving the integration of the psyche. Graphotherapy is based on the rational execution of the unique twelve universal movements with any part of the body that are incorporated with the repletion of graphical exercises.

Let them know this and expect it. By correcting it early graphotheraapy the parent or instructor will save this child many heartaches. It is useful for children to improve their performance level, confidence, self esteem and power of concentration ggraphotherapy memory and for parents to know their children in better way and to monitor and guide them in right direction. This is one of the first tasks that involves the rehabilitation process, the challenge of working in the spatial organization graphootherapy the page, reestablishing the global aspect of the graphical space in order to then change the individual characteristics.


The use of fretworks contributes to make our hands get used to new movements and rotations to train the graphical impulse, gaphotherapy energy and muscle relaxation for the writing zones to be in equilibrium. The exercises that geaphotherapy performed are not the calligraphic type, but exercises where we practice shapes, movement, rhythm, pressure, inclination and the other graphical aspects, contemplating the symbolism of space of Max Pulver.

Otherwise it can be accomplished only after severe emotional suffering. Get Latest Price Request a quote. Open or close Mindedness? Introversion is wide spread, especially among young people, yet it is very difficult to deal with especially in adults. The circle impacts in both cerebral hemispheres simultaneously, producing benefits.

We offer psychotherapy, counseling and treatment along with psych-social rehabilitation and follow-up services all under one roof. Products Products Buy Leads Tenders. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. We have the possibility to analyze them through the study of the graphical aspectsshape, pressure, speed, direction, dimension, grwphotherapy, continuity and order that will provide precise and exact information about our impulses and neurological circuits that define our conduct and physiological activity.

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Some mandalas present four directions that he connected with the four psychological functions: The benefits of handwriting exercises in graphotherapy graphotheraly consistently amazed those who completed the exercise courses. Unfortunately alcohol and drugs tend to release those inhibiting inclinations and there for become attractive to such a person. Psychological Counseling Services in Kolkata. It is a tool for parents to get to know their children, monitor them and guide them in the right path.

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Left slants, introverts for instance are much more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol. This program has everything you need to get started as a handwriting analyst and can be downloaded electronically or shipped with everything you see here. It is difficult in the beginning to change their slant.

Grapho-therapy is one of the easiest ways to change a bad habit and become a better person. If changes are required in this period, changes to handwriting will be suggested.

The act of writing is therapeutic. Graphotherapy may be applied in multiple scenarios. Then scroll down for a short lesson, 2 video lessons, and reference image of the Grapho-deck cards, handwriting samples and video segments taken directly from our live seminar.

The term mandala derives from Sanskrit and means sacred circlewheel, center, magic ring. Tell us what you need by filling in the form.

The need to change negative unwanted habits is wide spread. Fear is at the root of practically all psychological problems and confidence and self belief are replacements.

Day 7 – Graphotherapy – Handwriting University: Learn Handwriting Analysis and Graphology.

The reason is simple, most adults who are introverted tend to disbelieve they are. Sex Drive and letter G in Handwriting. Please enter Mobile Number.