The Leuchter Reports has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. N said: Article by Germar Rudolf: The Forensics Report That Changed History: The Leuchter Report is one of those rare and most precious documents. Prepared and written by Fred A. Leuchter, a consultant in the United States for the. The best known “expert analysis” of this variety is the so-called “Leuchter Report,” issued by an American manufacturer of execution equipment and proclaimed.

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He has been a forensic engineer consultant, and has keuchter as an expert in courts in the United States and Canada. See footnote 36 and It is impossible the buildings were razed long ago. Dover Publications,p. Leuchter then faced cross-examination by the Crown Prosecutor, John Pearson, an official who had been assisted throughout the trial by another Crown Attorney, a law clerk and frequent consultations with Repory advisors sitting immediately behind him in the courtroom.

The Leuchter Report Vindicated

Hereafter, this work will be cited as The Leuchter Report. In a homicidal gas chamber, the action of highly concentrated Leuchger was rapid and intense never more than 15 to 20 minutesat a temperature below 27 degrees C.

The video tapes made simultaneously by the team–which I have studied–provide compelling visual evidence of the scrupulous methods that they used.

In an attempt to explain away this serious discrepancy, Pressac claims that sample 9 stood one meter repogt one of the four wire mesh columns through which Zyklon B was supposedly introduced into the chamber. Hereafter, all page numbers cited in the main text of this article refer to Truth Prevails.

The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition

Partitions and other methods used to seal the room which cannot be replaced quickly should only be removed after most of the gas has blown away. Referring to this structure, he wrote: His conclusions were clear: Gas masks are sometimes used, but are not safe and should not be used for more than ten 10 minutes.


Understanding this, it was determined that the investigation would include Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek Lublinand all associated crematoria and alleged execution gas chambers. The trial lasted seven weeks and ended with a conviction and a sentence of fifteen months imprisonment.

Open all doors, closets, drawers, etc. If the mortuary had really been a gas chamber, cyanide ought to have been detected in the samples taken from there, and by the same token nothing should have been detected in the sample obtained leeuchter the former washroom; or rather a minute amount of cyanide should have been found in the former washroom from contingent disinfestation with hydrocyanic acid and a much larger quantity in the gas chamber.

It must be sealable, heatable, have both circulation and exhaust capability for the air, must have a sufficiently high stack for the exhaust and a means for distribution of the gas evenly fredd the Zyklon B material. Accordingly, the IFRC demonstrated that cyanides were present in all of the facilities where it is claimed that they were exposed, i.

Fred Leuchter and the Leuchter Report

These articles included “the Rumor of Auschwitz or the Gas Chamber Problem”, published on the 29th of December, in a French daily newspaper, Le Monde, and a long interview published in Relort, in the Italian periodical Storia lllustrata. Under no circumstances may anyone sleep in a room which has been fumigated in the night following the fumigation.

If using the filter “J”, first move around in the open air for approx. This is accomplished by spraying the walls either automatically or manually. And, according to Pressac, the American specialist used “trick photography. Lecuhter larger the facility, the less practical this becomes due to the size of available fans and exhaust times may take several hours or longer. SHI 3W ippjojcmaicly l.

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This is a totally groundless assumption with no support either from experiments or from the historical sources. Lecuhter chamber pressure is controlled by a vacurizer system which should hold the chamber at a partial vacuum of 10 pounds per square inch psi operational: This led to a second prosecution. Hydrogen cyanide is one of the most powerful and dangerous of all fumigation chemicals. There is no provision for gasketed doors, windows or vents; the structures are not coated with tar or leuchger sealant to prevent leakage or absorption of the gas.

Leuchter report

Zyklon B was a special commercial preparation containing hydrocyanic acid. Since there was no direct application of flame to the corpse, the blower only fanned the flames and increased the temperature of the kiln. Fredd person must at all times be able to prove that he has official authorization for the use of prussic acid for extermination purposes. An important propaganda weapon in this campaign has been a book published jointly by the Klarsfeld Foundation and a group that calls itself “Holocaust Survivors and Friends in Pursuit of Justice.

These computations are based on 1 corpse per retort per cremation.