FM 3-21.38 PDF

FM FAA P. FM INSTRUCTIONAL INTENT: TO FAMILIARIZE THE PROSPECTIVE PATHFINDER. STUDENT WITH THE BASIC. provide extensive information about FM ( ). Field Manual FM Pathfinder Operations April US Army [United States Government US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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FM 3-21.38 Pathfinder Operations

There is precise intelligence on terrain especially LZs and weather, and there are suitable LZs on fk objective.

Therefore, blue and green chemical lights should be used for Infantry staging purposes only. Regardless of the landing plan used, the Infantry platoon must land ready to fight. This is one of the main factors considered when planning aircraft loads. Priority Normal High Medium Low.

Service Life of Aerial Delivery Slings In any case, pilots should be advised of obstacles whether marked or unmarked. As part of 3-2.38 staging plan, Soldiers must mark obstacles on the PZ in both day and night operations. The manual includes an extensive glossary of acronyms and terminology peculiar to air assault operations, pathfinder operations, and Army-Air Force air traffic control.

The five plans tie together in this way:. The tactics, techniques, and procedures that describe the conduct of the various missions are guides.


Conduct of Operations Landing Points Section II. Linkup with Supported Unit Aircraft Load Limitations Sign In Sign Out. Enter Your Email Address. Other 3-21.388 capabilities include— — Transporting cargo as an internal load or external sling load and delivering to unit areas not supplied by any other means.

Army Field Manual Differing aircraft may have different landing point vm requirements. Table E-3 lists examples of PZ markings during day and night operations.

Final Landing Instructions Use the form below to search the site: Organization and Duties When the slope is less than 7 percent 4 degreeshelicopters may land in any direction. Estimation of Drop Zone Time Requirement Have you been confronted by an ethical dilemma? So should machine gun teams. This can be done on the actual aircraft best methodor using field expedient methods.

Security on the PZ is of the utmost importance. If the lift aircraft arrives 321.38 the LZ before execution of the mission, the chalk leader should conduct face-to-face coordination with the air crew. A helicopter needs meters of horizontal clearance from a meter tree for takeoff or landing.

FM Pathfinder Operations (4/25/ edition) | Open Library

Hookup and Release Procedures Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Where ground slope is from 7 to 15 percent 4 to 8 degreesaircraft must land and park sideslope or upslope. -321.38 may be conducted by a separate unit that is not conducting the air movement.


What can be carried is the allowable cargo load ACL. Cargo hook capacity 8, lbs. The number, type, and 3-21.38 formation of helicopters determine the minimum landing space requirement and total size of the LZ and PZ.


Do you have a question about Army regulation? It is based on the type of helicopter used, configuration of the helicopter, temperature, altitude of the PZ or LZ, humidity, and fuel load. Tactical Landing Lights Do you have a question about Army doctrine? The formation used by the aircraft will determine how to place the lights for other aircraft.

Information that should be coordinated include: Army Verbally Initiated Release System Terrain Contour and Obstacles At a minimum, the Infantry platoon secures itself and maintains a high state of readiness while awaiting arrival of the aircraft.

Phrases and Terms Section II.