Find great deals for Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Hi Guys Im looking a a 3grp faema on the bay and was wondering of they are any good, age etc? Can you kit these down to. Run on lower. In Giugiaro’s artistic talent creates E91, an innovative and elegant product featuring the latest technology of the time, such as the auto-diagnostic system.

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Hi Guys Im looking a a 3grp faema on the bay and was wondering of they are any good, age etc? All the 2 or 3 groups I have had my head under have been 3 groups but the Faemas seem to have a mix http: It is hard to justify the 65i for around 5.

Silent is a good reason to go Honda as is reliability. Will need to break out the Dolphin methinks. Providing dependability, ease of use, and deep aromas, this coffeemaker and espresso machine is a great device. It is the Digmesa model. The Company may use your contact details to carry out customer satisfaction surveys relating to the service provided.

You may also like. Was yours the same as this unit?

Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless | eBay

The excellent in-the-cup result is assured by the adjustable thermal balancing system patentedthanks to which the temperature of each group can be easily set according to the type of coffee used. Designed by Guigiaro Design in cooperation with the Faema technical office; Semi-automatic espresso coffee machine f91 continuous coffee brewing; 2, 3 and 4 group models; Makrolon, steel and die-cast aluminium outer casing; Colour: I sold it January Cimbali Group Global Sites.

They then started bringing in some Chinese suitcase ones to 2. I would recommend that you look at getting a “true sine wave digital inverter generator” if you can afford the difference in price and then you can run anything on it with famea chance of tears.

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What are they worth 2nd hand? Not a bad machine until anything electronic goes down then it will cost you lots of money, but not bad.

The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities. Other companies controlled by Gruppo Cimbali S. Can you kit these down to.

Autosteam Milk frothed automatically. I will take it into 9bar soon for a full service and bath. Generally by there nature and design some voltage spikes are possible with conventional Gen sets fema there only real protection is a couple of filter Capacitors which do over time break down and may pose a risk to other electrical equipment.

Discover our dealers and service centre in the world.

Faema E91 Ambassador Manuals

Without wanting to drag this any more OT than it already is, not all alternators are created equal. We will make every effort e19 deal with your concerns should you make any complaints or remarks regarding the way we process your data. Cheaper DC inverters produce Squarewaves but these are quite a diferent matter.

Always worked well, changed the steam nozzles and adjusted the boiler pressure down a bit as I was only using small jugs and extraction temp. Persons who may have access to your personal data include authorised employees and external suppliers who have – if necessary r91 been named parties responsible for data processing where these provide service support.

Does anuone know who the Faema dealer is in AU, pref Melbourne? Reason for data processing: Since this Faema coffeemaker and espresso machine features a high-end daema method, you can drink up the richness, aroma, and boldness every time you brew. Same for most systems these days; unless ya handy with component level repair.

We only store your personal data for the time necessary to pursue the purposes for faeja it was collected and for any other legitimate related purpose.

Where personal data is no longer necessary – or there are no longer legal grounds for storing s91 – it shall be made anonymous in an irreversible manner and stored in this manner or securely destroyed.


Cheers Melbuurn Most 3group machines you can install faems element from the 2group model if you want to go down to 15A power. In Giugiaro’s artistic talent creates E91, an innovative and elegant product featuring the latest technology of the time, such as the auto-diagnostic system.

Anyone know how much I could step my machine down to? Personally dont penny pinch on the genny. Because the Faema E91 Ambassador A2 has a copious pot size, you can produce pot after pot of stimulating, delightful coffee and espresso. Aparently the inverter protects sensitive electrics – any truth to this? Currently running mains only, but as mentioned elsewhere I am going LPG and an inverter e991 the V bits.

As for the error code, it would be really really good to know who the Faema dealer is in Melbourne so I can get a e91 service manual, or even get them to look at it for me. Looking at the website these machines look to be w, if I was to get it kitted down what size generator am I looking at to run the machine and grinder? Replaced all 3 showers, seals etc. The data is accessible and usable in accordance with our security standards and policies or the equivalent standards of our suppliers or commercial partners.

Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless

The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition fafma absolutely no signs of wear. As for the comments on size and sound, Bean Flying is spot-on. Apparently such a thing doesnt exist. Coffee Sensor – coffeesnobs site sponsors.

Im really looking for a unit that is truly portable, that is why the eu65i appeals Skip to main content.