the dilemmas of career and ambition—bringing Zen to love and work—is the core of “an amazingly pure and lively Zen”* as taught by Charlotte Joko Beck. This beautifully written book is a Zen guide to the problems of daily living, love, relationships, work, fear and suffering. Beck describes how to be in the. Charlotte Joko Beck (March 27, – June 15, ) was an American Zen teacher and the author of the books Everyday Zen: Love and Work and Nothing.

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J rated it it was amazing May 15, Maybe the book will be dryer for someone who is not in a crisis, or who is not ready to hear the lessons in it. Thus, I came to this book. She almost ignores other Buddhist concepts, such as emptiness, karma, and so on.

Our main way of supporting this site is through the sale of books, either physical copies or digital copies for your Amazon Kindle including the online reader. So we filter anything happening in the present through all that: I feel ruled and compelled by ‘something else’; I have no choice.

Living Everyday Zen

Because she was adept at teaching students to work with their psychological states, she attracted a number of students who were interested in the relationship between Zen and modern psychology. Still in a short time the pool is clear and undisturbed. I knew close to nothing about zen when I started reading this book.

In it Joko expresses what is the original essence of Zen—unencumbered by some of the formal practices and activities we’ve come to associate with Zen practice over the years. I’m not sure this would be a great introductory book. Beck was responsible for a number of important innovations in Zen teaching.


Bruce Fogg rated it liked it Jan 20, But some people read for fifty years, you know. So what had happened? Before I read these my understanding of meditation was very limited.

Opening the Hand of Thought: Nevertheless, if were left hanging on that vine, we can either waste the last moment of life or we can appreciate it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You may loudly protest, “Oh, never, I certainly don’t want to feel irritated or hurt Some people have referred to this approach as an Americanization of Zen, and Beck explains that this is not simply about making Zen look American, but about practicing it in a way that works best in the culture.

Foundations of Zen Buddhist Practice. From two other teachers she later sought to revoke her appointment: Each round of such practice renders us a little less machine-like, gives us more appreciation of ourselves and others.

Even moving from passive dependence to an active and angry independence — “Don’t tell me what to do! I think there are basic concepts not explained as zne as someone new to Buddhism and meditation would want. I like the small paperback size, and take it with me to waiting rooms. A Zen guide to the problems of daily living, love, relationships, work, fear and suffering.

She very much helped me to accept my responsility, toward others, the world and myself. Only in that instant when we and the object become one can we see what our life is.

So I had heard about her, but was never completely aware of her work.

An endlessly complicated collection of mirrors This is the closest book I have to a “bible”. Somehow the relaxation of it all gets lost in translation, which is why I feel that I don’t ever continue to practice sitting bbeck daily.


Meditation isn’t something special. No fundamental separation between NJ and NY.

: Everyday Zen: Love and Work (Plus) (): Charlotte J. Beck: Books

Nevertheless, faithful and determined practice makes a difference and fairly soon at that. She doesn’t really go into the how to mediate. JeffBrowning rated it really liked it Aug 23, But if you take something that is limited, like body and mind, and look for something outside it, that something becomes an object and must be limited too.

Aug 24, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: She talks about love: There are many people in the world who feel that if only they had a jok car, a nicer house, better vacations, a more understanding boss, or a more interesting partner, then their life would work. Or maybe she thinks her everyday Zen is all there is to say that’s worthwhile. If you have trouble making it through these books, put one in your bathroom.

Well, there’s a little shade of piety jook creeps into practice. A lifetime is more like it. Itsik rated it it was amazing Sep 14, The author also had a tendency to go a bit too far in explanation, then backtrack in a way that was slightly annoying. Could you talk about that a little bit?