Autor: Papa “León XIII” Vincenzo Gioacchino Pecci Fecha de Publicación: 15 mayo Encíclica Rerum Novarum Concordia, no lucha. Transcript of La Encíclica Rerum Novarum. add logo here. Fue promulgada por el papa Leon XIII el viernes 15 de mayo de Fue una carta. RERUM NOVARUM La encíclica Rerum Novarum destaca el aspecto cristiano del socialismo, pero éste era condenado por materialista y.

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Utcumque sit, plane videmus, quod consentiunt universi, infimae sortis hominibus celeriter esse atque opportune consulendum, cum pars maxima in misera calamitosaque fortuna indigne versentur. They assert that it is right for private persons to have the use of the soil and its various fruits, but that it is unjust for any one to possess outright either the land on which he has built or the estate which he has brought under cultivation.

Quos tamen, si christianis praceptis paruerint, parum est amicitia, amor etiam fraternus inter se coniugabit. Summa theologiaeIIa-Ilae, q.

Pope Leo XIII – Enciclica Rerum Novarum – unaluna

Of these facts there cannot be any shadow of doubt: We approach the subject with confidence, and in the exercise of the rights which manifestly appertain to Us, for no practical solution of this question will be found apart from the intervention of religion and of the Church. There is no fear that solicitude of this kind will be harmful to any interest; on the contrary, it will be to the advantage of all, for it cannot but be good for the commonwealth to shield from misery those on whom it so largely depends for the things that it needs.

Scilicet tantum exigi operis, ut hebescat animus labore nimio, unaque corpus defatigationi succumbat, non iustitia, non humanitas patitur. The right to possess private property is derived from nature, not from man; and the State has the right to control its use in the interests of the public good alone, but by no means to absorb it altogether.

His legibus, si modo voluntate accipiantur, satis erit tenuiorum commodis ac saluti consultum ; consociationes autem catholicorum non minimum ad prosperitatem momenti in civitate sunt habiturae. The common Mother of rich and poor has aroused everywhere the heroism of charity, and has established congregations of religious and many other useful institutions for help and mercy, so that hardly any kind of suffering could exist which was not afforded relief.

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Wages, as we are told, are regulated by free consent, and therefore the employer, when he pays what was agreed upon, has done his part and seemingly is not called upon to do anything beyond.

Si autem filii, et heredes: Rulers should, nevertheless, anxiously safeguard the community and all its members; the community, because the conservation thereof is so emphatically the business of the supreme power, that the safety of the commonwealth is not only the first law, but it is a government’s whole reason of existence; and the members, because both philosophy and the Gospel concur in laying down that the object of the government of the State should be, not the advantage of the ruler, but the benefit of those over whom he is placed.

Nature accordingly must have given to man a source that is stable and remaining always with him, from which he might look to draw continual supplies. The title sometimes given to this encyclical, On the Condiction of the Working Classesis therefore perfectly justified.

The rights and duties of the employers, as compared with the rights and duties of the employed, ought to be the subject of careful consideration. Socialium legum posito in religione fundamento, pronum est iter ad stabiliendas sociorum rationes mutuas, ut convictus quietus ac res florentes consequantur. Haec maxime natura atque haec caussa quietis est in dies festos capiendae: It is the soul which is made after the image and likeness of God; it is in the soul that the sovereignty resides in virtue whereof man is commanded to rule the creatures below him and to use all the earth and the ocean for his profit and advantage.

Hinc sensim illud gerum patrimonium, quod religiosa cura tamquam rem familiarem indigentium Ecclesia custodivit. But human respect, or the dread of starvation, makes them tremble to take the step.

Here, again, we have further proof that private ownership is in accordance with the law of nature. Every one should put his hand to the work which falls to his share, and that at once and straightway, lest the evil which is already so great become through delay absolutely beyond remedy.


Rerum Novarum

First redum all, there is no intermediary more powerful than religion whereof the Church is the interpreter and guardian in drawing the rich and the working class together, by reminding each of its duties to the other, and especially of the obligations of justice.

Atqui interest salutis cum publicae, tum privatae pacatas esse res et compositas: So irrational and so false is this view that the direct contrary is the truth.

Quoad tutelam bonorum corporis et externorumprimum omnium eripere miseros opifices e saevitia oportet hominum cupidorum, personis pro rebus ad quaestum intemperanter abutentium. Would it not seem that, were society penetrated with ideas like these, strife must quickly cease?

Intendant omnes animi industriaeque vires ministri sacrorum: And it is for this reason that wage-earners, since they mostly belong in the mass of the needy, should be specially cared for and protected by the government. Neither must it be supposed that the solicitude of the Church is so preoccupied with the spiritual concerns of her children as to neglect their temporal and earthly interests.

Now, there is a good deal of evidence in favor of the opinion that many of these societies are in the hands of secret leaders, and are managed on principles ill-according with Christianity and the public well-being; and that they do their utmost to get within their grasp the whole field of labor, and force working men either to join them or to starve.

This being established, we proceed to show where the remedy sought for must be found. In maximis autem officiis dominorum illud eminet, iusta unicuique praebere.