The book that will “blow you away”** has a dazzling new look in paperback! Saba has spent her whole life in Silverlake, a dried-up wasteland ravaged by. Saba is living a life of isolation with her father, her twin brother Lugh and her sister Emmi. She never once questions what is outside the boundaries of her home. Blood Red Road book summary & chapter summaries of Blood Red Road novel.

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Ok so right now I should be doing lots of other things responsible people thingsbut I just cannot contain my excitement for this book. Enough to kill the dustlandw. How old is your kid? I also liked the love interest of the novel, even with ref the unnecessary dithering about they both did with regards to one another, it seems romance is never straight forward. She wrote it for teenagers who have a hard time focusing on anything for too long.

Plus, receive recommendations for your next Book Club read. Tiny things that add up and eventually it’s a free for all.

McElderry Books January Length: Be the first to review this title. Yes, his dialect was fun and held tons of literary satire. Somehow it adds character to Saba’s voice and orad to the story itself.

It makes it so unique, so filled with personality that you can’t help but feel like Dustlaands is sitting in front of you, recounting her journey. The love that frustrated me the most was that between the siblings.


The world could have done with a bit more set-up instead of simple pass overs, because I never really felt in it. A man sees two women naked. A 9-year-old girl is enslaved and hit, and a wife beats her husband. But they help each other and they save each other and they kiss each other, then they punch each other.

Blood Red Road: Dust Lands, Book 1

And while the no-dialogue-tag thing bugged me originally, I got used to it. It actually took me about 75 – 80 pages to finally fall into the story mainly due to the grammatically incorrect narrative that was purposely executed to represent the downfall of civilization and cultivated learning. Then she tries to leave her other places and lets herself get out voted. Saba has spent her whole life in Silverlake, a dried-up wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms. I mean, I don’t care if your 18, you can still be a child.

Dustlands Trilogy | Moira Young

I don’t need to tell you there’s action. In this book it’s so basic that if I had to draw it on a map, it would look like one of my 4 y.

This is the novel that I wanted Graceling to be. It wasn’t till over half way through the book she started to fall back into my favor again.

Unlike other dystopian YA novels, Blood Red Road isn’t focused on issues that lead to rebellion and upheaval. Despite dialect prose of someone who has never had book learnin’, I was soon captured by the stark setting and the fast moving plot. All in all, I am left roar a feeling that the beginning of the novel indicated that the book would be something more ambitious, something more important and meaningful. I liked the book, but there’s a ton of stuff I didn’t like about it too.


Sabby… can I call you Sabby? There are additional deaths with arrows, near-misses in a raging river, and a scary nighttime ambush by giant worm creatures. The action scenes are great all around; they keep readers on the edge of their seats without gratuitous gore. Dustladns second half is still well-paced, but is diluted by rather predictable plot twists and formulaic romantic back and forth.

Saba is so beautifully flawed; and the joy of finding a character who can be petty and self-absorbed and mean but still courageous and vulnerable and loyal is almost painful. Plus, it’s one of those “survival” books as well where not much happens but the main character finds shelter dustlaands food and wanders She was a stubborn naive girl. It’s interesting to see how these dystopian societies always have a form of escapism. Want personalized picks that fit your family? That realistic, “this makes sense” feeling was missing.

Determined to rescue him, she pursues his captors through a wild, wasted land.