Devatma Shakti Society, was formed in year During the journey, a lot of spiritual aspirants got the benefit of initiation through “Shaktipat”. Apart from doing. Welcome to. Devatma Shakti Society Click here to know more website counter ยท Click to see detail of visits and stats for this site. Devatma Shakti (Kundalini) Divine Power. by Swami Vishnu Tirtha Maharaj, with Forward by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj, J.A., Formerly Principal.

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Devatma Shakti – Kundalini – Divine Power – Swami Vishnu Thirtha – Swami Vishnu Tirtha Maharaj

Some of them are philosophical axioms and others pertain to practical exercises conducive to spiritual realization, and of universal application and acceptance irrespective, of caste, creed or nationality. Be he a Christian or a Jew, a Mohammedan or a Parsi, a Hindu or a Sikh, a Buddhist or a Jain, if he is sincere in his religion, he has to purify his heart of all evils, because God resides drvatma the holy temple of heart and not in congregations of mobs, or within the mere walls of bricks and mortar.

Free eBook Add to My Books. Now there is a regular bus service from Vashi to Dahisar village at hourly intervals. As such its manifestation on different planes of.

The ideas are old, simply their explanation is mine, though not always in conformity or in accordance with the expositions given by other thinkers. Vast treasures of Sanskrit literature contain numerous texts treating exhaustively one or shaktj of its different aspects separately.

Rites and ceremonies are mere accessories. Another difficulty that confronts such pursuits lies in devata fact that higher mystic experiences do not agree with those on the physical plane and at times they shati found to run counter.

In India philosophy forms the very foundation. This is a nonsectarian approach to merge with the absolute.

Devatma Shakti Kundalini Power Swami Vishnu Tirtha

Go to Table of Contents. But the victim of such fanaticism is often ignorant to understand the very religion he professes, and probably like a brute he commits arson in the vain hope of attaining favours of the Merciful God or in the expectation of an uncertain heaven hereafter.

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But during the reverse path of self-realisation that struggle begins to lessen, their flow tends to harmonize and ultimately merge into the First Unity. Him only by knowing one transcends death, there is no way other than this. Discarding there all his ornaments and garments, cutting himself off from all worldly attachments, and having subdued even his personal consciousness, he offered his speech as oblation into the fire of his mind, of the mind into Prana, of Prana into the other Apanathereof, with its consequent creation into death and of death into the five principles of earth, water, fire, air and ethernext having offered the five into the triad as oblation into the fire of the three Gunas of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamasthe saint offered the three into the one Mahat tattwaand having thus offered everything to the fire of self, effected complete merger of his Self into the eternal Brahman.

A comparative study of different religious systems would show that despite wide differences of their rites and ceremonies they are at one in essence.

How to write a great review. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Every individual ray of that energy is full of inexhaustible and infinite living Power to create and to perpetuate for all times, and these different individual forces do clash and come into collision with shkti another during their struggle for self perpetuation, losing sight of their original single source. In due course a religion sounder in principle and resting on terra firma of tolerance and universal acceptance would be evolved.

Devatma Shakti Society

Was not man created after God? He verily cannot be found in temples of bricks and mortar if He is absent from heart. India had a name for toleration and always had been extending a hospitable hand to all whosoever sought refuge on her land. Param Guru Sri Swami Narayan Dev Tirth is well known as the redeemer and the rejuvenator of the lost and disappearing divine science of Kundalini Awakening through the Shaktipat Initiation.


The practical side of the work forms that branch of knowledge, which is called Yoga.

The first creative principle is by that School named as the principal Prana instead of as Prakriti, which in the course, of the creative process. God is shakyi to be found in temples, churches, or mosques, but is to be shaktu only in the innermost recesses of one’s heart. It is not the monopoly of certain class of men or nations, though much of the credit for exploring this science goes to the ancient Rishis of India. Mantra Yoga which deals with the subject in its relation to speech, Laya Yoga, a branch of purely psychic refinement, and Raja Yoga that transcends even mind and steps into the higher domains of spirituality.

Sri Swami Narayan Dev Tirthji. Shakkti infinite Cosmic Power appears in the dynamic state during the creative process and after having accomplished a particular item in hand conceals itself with its infinite potentiality in the static residual form at some basic centre of that individual item.

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Only by knowing Him does one pass over death. He is often deluded by a false idea of serving his religion as a defender of faith. Sanskrit College, Banaras a well-known scholar of tantric literaturewho has very kindly at the cost of his valuable time gone through the manuscript and has favoured me with a short foreword expressing his esteemed opinion. During the journey, a lot of spiritual aspirants got the benefit of initiation through “Shaktipat”.