Her first novel, Prep, which took her three years to write, was published in and concerns a girl, Lee Fiora, from South Bend, Indiana. Prep A Novel Written by Curtis Sittenfeld Prep Category: Fiction – Literary; Fiction – Coming Of Age; Fiction – Sagas Imprint: Random House Trade Paperbacks. PREP By Curtis Sittenfeld. pp. Random House. $ Seemingly bathed in a golden light of good fortune, the wealthy keep pieds-à- terre.

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Even though I kept turning the pages with amusement and curiosity, this is not the sort of book I would really recommend to anyone, with sittfnfeld exception, perhaps, of listless female travellers who are simply not in the mood for something more challenging aka satisfying.

I don’t recall the date ever being given. At 13 she decides to apply to East Coast Prep schools and winds up spending an angst-ridden four years at Ault School just outside of Boston, Mass.

Curtis Sittenfeld – Wikipedia

Some of the tales in PREP are downright shameful, even if accurate. Why go back to this one? Its hard to read when its so raw you know what you are reading is true but you want to look away because well most people probably remember all too well the awkward years. You’d be better served reading an unhappy teenager’s blog. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It would be much better Jul 10, Lea rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.


Instead of the two outcasts banding together Conchita is switched out for Martha, a boring girl whose notable trait is not getting upset. The book made me feel awful. Retrieved 27 April Of course, I believe the prep school is based heavily on the school Sittenfeld attended herself, but its descriptions are full of little quirks and in-jokes that ring very true to what high school dynamics are like.

Seperated the latina’s and the black people ect. Wallowing in loneliness and heartbreak, the reader feels curtia if Lee is actually a part of them, and that they are experiencing all of the awkward and horrible events that are occurring in the story.

Curtis Sittenfeld

But, at the same time, the main character was frustrating. Can she even control how others perceive her?

Sittenfeld doesn’t reduce the experiences or simplify them, the way most shows, novels, and movies about high school do. Sittenfeld is able to portray that inconsequential events have the weight of lead during adolescence.

perp Nov 28, Joe rated it did not like it Recommends it for: That doesn’t mean the book sticks with me or changed my life in any drastic wayand isn’t that what we crave from a novel?

But my heart raced when Lee felt a victory, and my stomach dropped when she experienced a defeat. You are embarrassed for her. However, this is not the case.

The happiest days of your life? Come off it

I thought it was going to be about a girl sittenfdld climbs her way up the social ladder, makes lot’s of friends, generally has a good experience and maybe meets a guy. Please help by adding reliable sources. On the surface, the book is about a girl who’s out of her element, surrounded by snobs and jocks who speak a social language foreign to her.


Imagine that if you pine after a boy, you can never approach him; he will pursue, you will be pursued. But then she’d know what she’d probably only suspected — how messed up I really was, how much I’d been misleading them for the last four years. But I realized only after finishing this book that there was nothing wrong with Lee, or the story, or the impeccably honest writing.

What I believe this book portrayed was the angst-ridden judgement and insecurities felt by a less wealthy prep schooler Now I say “defend” because the book is marketed as chick-lit I don’t care how much reputable praise you list on the back cover; when there’s a pink and green belt cinching your book, you’re chick-lit curtiw, and I was embarrassed to brandish it on This book makes me want to shout at its critics, “you don’t have to identify with the protagonist to like the book!

Every time I pick up a book, I expect to be taken on a ride. It made me just not like Lee, the main character, at all. If you’re a boy who dislikes sport, you might as well start writing your suicide note now.