The Automotive Industry Action Group’s CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline is a great resource for learning more about what goes into. AIAG CQI LAYERED PROCESS AUDIT GUIDELINE. Check our one-day seminar on CQI 8, it provides attendees with an understanding of Layered Process Audits (LPA).

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Layered Process Audit Guideline (CQI-8)

Verification that processes and procedures are being followed. Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, they are not controls that should be included in a process control plan. Completed whenever the auditor has spare time. Audit Layers — What levels ausits the organization will be involved? Procedure requires upper management to audit part, process, system, and voice of the customer. A reaction plan is a validated method for percent containment of the particular identified nonconformance. It is recommended that a training program for Layered Process Audit auditors be based on material in this Guideline starting with this section.

A method to verify and sustain corrective actions related to process. A method to facilitate communication between operators and management.

Are the results of all required dimensional inspections recorded on form zzzz-1? The Layered Process Audit also demonstrates to all team members that these designated, critical items are very important.


Program Owner Assigned to: Layered Process Audits facilitate this two-way communication. The status of the corrective actions should be tracked to ensure that all issues are resolved in a timely manner. Both practices involve multiple layers of management who participate at different times. Layered Process Audits are conducted on time.

Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored. Could this be why companies doing gemba walks have an easier time with LPA programs, despite their complexity? Therefore, organizations should plan their Layered Process Audit frequency considering the type of audit items. Layered Process Audits conducted in manufacturing facilities are owned by Manufacturing Management.

An inspection method to add to the process control plan. Examples of special cause variation might include failure of one shift of personnel to follow the prescribed process. Reinforce key or updated process steps, including safety requirements.

Do not replace regular Quality Management System audits conducted by internal or external dedicated auditors. Validation of process improvements and corrective actions is one commonly observed industry issue that can be directly improved by the use of Layered Process Audits, which are designed for this specific purpose.

We provide an environment of integrity, trust, teamwork, and mutual respect to foster open, frank communication as proxess achieve consensus on industry needs and solutions.

Inspector Plant Manager Q. Layered Process Audits are short in duration and are conducted according to a regular, planned cadence with specific criteria for frequency.


Resources are available and focused on corrective actions for the non-conformances identified. Other benefits are associated with the softer side of managing an organization, including increased floor time for plant management. Aduits 2A below gives an example of an operation-focused Layered Process Audit check-sheet. For example, a line supervisor may conduct the Audit on a daily basis, while the plant manager may conduct the Audit once per month.

CQI – 8 : Layered Process Audit Guideline

I have no doubt that Mr. Audit results are recorded consistently, including corrective actions, and summarized for senior management review. However, it is very easy for employees to return to the old, familiar methods. Other similarities between gemba walks and LPAs include: Already Subscribed to this document. alyered

AIAG CQI – CQI Layered Process Audit Guideline (Secured file – cannot be printed)

An audit to validate the operation of a machine. A method to determine corrective actions. It is designed to provide a common framework of the definitions and standard approaches that can be adopted by any ci-8 OEM or supplier to an OEM tier 1at any depth in the supply chain any tier.