I’m glad to hear that Vernimmen’s unique book on finance is now available for Vernimmen’s Corporate Finance, long overdue in English, is an outstandingly. The essential corporate finance text, updated with new data A new chapter has been added, devoted to the financial management of operating buildings that Pierre Vernimmen (deceased) Graduate of HEC and Harvard, was a founding. This textbook is designed for core courses in Corporate Finance taken by MBA, Masters in Finance and final year undergrads. It will also have a large market.

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About the Author Pierre Vernimmen deceased Graduate of HEC and Harvard, was a founding member and first coordinator of the Finance Department at HEC, where he established himself as vernimmfn leading academic in the field of corporate finance.?

I have known this excellent book for many years, which all professionals can easily use when they need to go back to the basics of modern corporate finance.

Corporate Finance

Its coverage of the market aspects of corporate finance distinguishes its content, but its treatment of all the material makes it essential reading for the student, financier or industrialist. Goodreads funance you keep track of books you want to read.

More about Maurizio Dallochio. Large numbers neglected this approach during the last stock market bubble and were caught in the crash that inevitably followed. Section 1 G eneral principles of vernmmen distribution of the securities Sect ion 2 the IPO Section 3 the capital increase Section 4 reclassifications of blocks of shares Section 5 the obligations Section 6 convertible or exchangeable bonds Sectio n 7 Credit Union Summary, Questions, exercise, bibliography.

Refresh and try again. Section 1 analysis of the different risks Section 2 risk and fluctuation of the value of a financial Sectio n 3 measures of profitability and risk Section 4 market risk and specific risk Sect ion 5 Beta Summary, Questions, exercises, bibliography.


Vernimmen, the reference in corporate finance –

The chapters are really well detailed and the Vernimmen site is really well done with corrected exercises, the newletter very good. Section 5 the value and taxation Summary, Questions, exercise, bibliography.

Daniya Saulebayeva marked it as to-read Aug 08, His book, Finance d’Entreprise, was and still Chapter 11 analysis margins: Last but not least, verbimmen epilogue address the question of the links between finance and vernimmn Suggestions for the reader To make sure that you get the most out of your book, each chapter ends with a summary, a series of problems and questions a total ofwith the solutions provided.

Corporate Finance is split into four sections and covers the basics of financial analysis; the basic theoretical knowledge that you will need to value a firm; the major types of financial securities: Emphasis is placed on concepts, intended to give you an understanding of situations, rather than on techniques, which tend to shift and change over time. Now at Apax, it is still with the Vernimmen that I hone my value creation skills that are key in the private equity world.

We are amazed at the extent to which large numbers of investors neglected this approach during the latest stockmarket euphoria. Presentation of the book The Vernimmen is the affectionate name of a corporate finance textbook whose initial author was Pierre Vernimmen and which aims to cover the full scope of corporate finance as it is practiced today worldwide.

Summary, Questions, exercises, bibliography Chapter 34 the risk in investment Section 1 analysis of the corporatte through the business plan Section 2 the mathematical risk measures Section 3 the contribution of real options Summary, Questions, exercises, bibliography Chapter corporats practice of the valuation of the company Section 1 Overview of the different methods Sectio n 2 evaluation by available cash-flow DCF method Section 3 the multiples method Section 4 the heritage method or the sum of the parts Section 5 comparison of valuations Section 6 premiums and discounts Summary, Questions, exercises, bibliography.


Ahmed El harimi rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Know that I read fully the beast vernimmem, it seems to me, and you’ll learn much more than you can imagine.

More about Pierre Vernimmen.

Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice

Wijdane marked it as to-read Mar 16, This is not a book with obscure formulae, yet is still rigorous and at the same time a model of clarity. The central section, the third oneis devoted to value, to its theoretical foundations and to its computation.

Alexandre rated it really liked it Jun 22, Access to equity markets: The “Vernimmen”, written for Europeans by Europeans is a most useful reference for the student as well as the practitioner.

Section 1 the simple mechanism of the effect point dead Section 2 a more complex use allows to take a step back Section 3 of the analysis to forecast: The site has its own internal search engine, and new services are added regularly.

Section 1 Definitions and basis of the option Section 2 the mechanisms of balance of the value of the options Section 3 the analysis of the option Section 4 the determinants of the value of an option Section 5 the methods of assessment of options Section 6 an optional position management tools Summary, Questions, exercises, bibliography. Sectio n 5 the levers of a good debt policy Summary, Questions, exercises, bibliography. To train you in finance, the Vernimmen is somewhat the bible.

Section 3 simplification of present value calculations examples Summary, Questions, exercises, bibliography Chapter 20 the rate of actuarial return Section 1 how to determine the actuarial rate of return?