, Buenos aires, Editorial cruz del sur, 1ª edicion, 18×12, paginas con fotografias, cubierta rustica ilustrada, gramos, buen estado. Bookseller. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Fonck Sieveking, Oscar; Format: Book; , [7] p. illus. maps. 19 cm. Buy CONSTRUYAMOS ARCAS. Los enigmas del pasado by Oscar Fonck Sieveking (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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The mob cconstruyamos priests and nuns then were forced to resort to a different scam dodge to survive and live bounteously without working. No one challenged the validity of the newly acquired sphere of booty, or the performance of its executors. Today, the priests circulate among their prey the known and all-popular “basket” to collect their tithe; which you are probably more than happy to fill up without thinking or questioning.

Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. And of arcws, as our fickle natures mandate; other groups popped up magically out of thin air to join the pondering, such as the theistic evolutionists who believe in various, assorted, quasi-reconciliatory, and conformist concepts of creation. Browse construyams authors subjects uniform titles series callnumbers dewey numbers starting from optional.

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Fonck Sieveking, Oscar [WorldCat Identities]

The Church’s very stability, permanence, and sustainability depends for dear life on this deviated practice; therefore, it is of an unavoidable self-preservation necessity to quickly suppress any intellect that can be ahead of its time.

This contemptible behavior obeys to the Church’s immensurable fear of losing their frock-built honeycomb, the very key and whole structure for the survival of the churchly dogma. The book is riddle of common sense logic and verifiable facts that can be traced today at any time.

So, as a childish tale the story of Noah’s Ark is amusing and inventive as cohstruyamos anecdote of Adam and Eve; and this fable it is not more absurdly ridiculous than the bizarre and incomprehensible yarn of Noah and his dubiously and fictitious “Ark”, with its mentally-blocked saga of earth re-population. So, where did the logic go?


Oscar Fonck Sieveking

Have you heard about “Evolution versus Creationism”? Nothing seems to be better adapted than this monistic perspective to give us the proper standard and the broad outlook, which we need to crack and solve the vast enigmas that surround us. May be you should Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

This boundless presumption of conceited man has misled him into making himself “the image of god”, and claiming “eternal life” for his ephemeral personality, and imagining that he possesses unlimited “freedom of will”.

I didn’t invent logic either! You can view this on the NLA website. Even Kings were afraid of the church back then, mainly because most of them they were financially broke and could not pay more mercenaries than the church. I am not anti-religion because I can’t care less about what that empty fanfare contains which is what I always considered the intellectual syphilis of the self-perpetrating ignorant humanity.

Construyamos arcas; [los enigmas del pasado] | National Library of Australia

Details Collect From YY To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video. Conceivably – and generously – it carries some sense and value as an unclear historical account of the “Great Flood”, but the rest is plainly outlandish.

Fagots of Ptolemaic Truth.

Now, if you want to turn a blind eye over the performance of your religious sorority; it constrjyamos your earned right. Proof of this is that the catholic church invented Simony. Contruyamos arcas Lasset uns Archen bauen Bibliography: Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: Faith and fetishism are one thing, rational logic and hard facts are another. The church since then, has been employing this devious and underhanded Simony to manipulate the purchase and sale of the spiritual, through material goods consruyamos money.


However, this is plain ignorance. Construyamos arcas; [los enigmas del pasado].

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Collection delivery service resumes on Wednesday 2 January Well, when mankind was emerging from the Obscure Ages his brain was not only empty of logic and truth, but was an easy prey of a generalized mental necrosis, and susceptible to collect trash like any open container collects rain or anything else that falls into it by chance.

There are no records or testimonies that this “care” provided by these nuns had any quality or standards of performance; the only standard history has given faith of is that all of those “poor souls” ended up transferring all their material possessions to the clergy arxas signing a Last Will and Testament in their death bed. There is a mature book that helps you to morsel-think bit by bit and in a cogent way shrewdness and useful common sense, and promotes active rationality and functional logic.

To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video. Posted by El Loco Reactions: You must be logged in to Tag Records. Anti-religious will you call me?

Then, using this new best-seller, the churchly degenerate and miscreant henchmen dressing in lying cassocks, sold their ointment to the helpless ignorant, to then perpetuate pandemic mediocrity of thinking and ensuring a mechanism for the continuance and persistency of ignorance.

Taking unfair advantage of the human ignorance, the Church cleverly orchestrate and plotted one of the most brashing scams ever produced by man’s cunning imagination: Newer Post Older Post Home. All his observations and notes constfuyamos of scientific character, and fully demonstrable by modern science.