Extinguishing media space. Material name: CAUSTIC SODA. Material ID: Revision date: MAR Print date: MAR 1 / 5. MSDS US. Use of the substance/preparation. Cleaning chemical, technical chemical base, see point Synonyms. Soda lye, lye, caustic soda solution. Sodium hydroxide – liquid (46%%), Soda lye solution (46%%), Caustic soda (46%%), Sodium hydroxide solution (46%%), Liquid caustic soda.

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Caustic soda Lye [1] [2] Ascarite White caustic Sodium hydrate [3].

Incompatible materials, exposure to moisture or air. If a dilute solution is spilled on the skin, burns may result if the area is not washed thoroughly and for several minutes with running water. Handle according to good manufacturing kye industrial hygiene practices. Inhalation may also cause pulmonary oedema fluid build-up in the lungswith the potential to become a medical emergency.

It is highly soluble in waterand readily absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide from the air. Retrieved June 23, Similar to the hydration of sulfuric acid, dissolution of solid sodium hydroxide in water is a highly exothermic reaction [14] where a large amount of heat is liberated, posing a threat to safety through the possibility of splashing.

This substance may cause cautsic term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Possibility of hazardous reactions. Exposure to dusts or mists may cause small burns, redness and a rash. Because of this, glass joints and stopcocks exposed to sodium vaustic have a tendency to “freeze”. Take up with sand, dirt or vermiculite. Up to grams per litre with generation of heat. Store away from sources of heat or ignition, strong acids, aluminium, zinc and magnesium or their alloys.

Surfactants can be added to the sodium hydroxide solution in order sodw stabilize dissolved substances and thus prevent redeposition. Sodium hydroxide is soluble while calcium llye is not. For example, when a solution of NaOH and water with 1: It is used in the Bayer process of aluminium production.

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Sodium hydroxide – Wikipedia

If water is added to solid or concentrated sodium hydroxide NaOHheat is released. Qily is the ashes of certain plants, e. National Center for Home Food Preservation. When in the French chemist and surgeon Nicolas Leblanc — patented a process for mass-producing sodium carbonatenatural “soda ash” impure sodium carbonate that was obtained from the ashes of plants that are rich in sodium [47]: May cause swelling of the larynx and subsequent suffocation.

H Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. P Wash contaminated skin thoroughly after handling. Sodium hydroxide is a highly caustic base and alkali that decomposes proteins at ordinary ambient temperatures and may cause severe chemical burns. It also hydrolyzes the proteins such as those found in hair which may block water pipes. Use in a well ventilated area. A sodium hydroxide soak solution is used as a powerful degreaser on stainless steel and glass bakeware. Occupational exposure limit values.

Springer Verlag,Chapter 2: Ajka alumina plant accident. A parts washer heats water and the detergent in a caustiv cabinet and then sprays the heated sodium hydroxide and hot water at pressure against dirty parts for degreasing applications.

This helps homogenise cement mixes, preventing segregation of sands cauetic cement, decreases the amount of water required in a mix and increases workability of the cement product, be it mortar, render or concrete. Hydrogen gas is generated when undiluted material contacts aluminium, zinc or tin. All equipment must be earthed. Aluminium hydroxide is prepared at the treatment plant from aluminium sulfate by reacting it caustix sodium hydroxide or bicarbonate. P Read label before use.


Inworld production was estimated at 60 million dry metric tonnes of sodium hydroxide, and demand was estimated at 51 million tonnes.

Sodium hydroxide

The viscosity of sodium hydroxide plays a direct role in its application as well as its storage. Historically, sodium hydroxide was produced by treating sodium carbonate with calcium hydroxide in a metathesis reaction.

The “sodium hydroxide” of commerce is often the monohydrate density 1. Dispose of material through a licensed waste contractor.

Administer oxygen if breathing is difficult. Water spray may reduce vapour; but it may not prevent ignition in closed spaces.


Since methods and conditions are beyond our control we do not accept liability for any damages resulting from the use of, or reliance on, this information vaustic inappropriate contexts. Prolonged or repeated skin contact will lead to necrosis death of the skin. May cause redness, pain, blurred vision.

This is due to the lower enthalpy of formation of iron Ccaustic oxide The sodium hydroxide-based detergents include surfactants, rust inhibitors and defoamers. Will react violently with acids. Lye [1] [2] Ascarite White caustic. However, solutions of NaOH can be easily supercooled by many degrees, which allows the formation of hydrates including the metastable ones from solutions with different concentrations.

Thus, protective equipmentlike rubber glovessafety clothing and eye protectionshould always be used when handling this chemical or its solutions. Emergency Advice All Hours: If ventilation is insufficient use a corrosive – resistant ventilation system separate from other exhaust systems.