Keywords. buhalterinė apskaita, statistinė apskaita, statistika, buhalterinės apskaitos ir statistikos sąsajos, balansinė statistika, nacionalinė sąskaityba. not prepare management reports from (Verslo apskaitos standartai, ; Li- .. Mikutis V., Perminas V. (), Žemės ūkio buhalterinė apskaita, Mokslas, įmonių finansinėse ataskaitose, „Buhalterinės apskaitos teorija ir praktika”, 8. Audito teorija ir praktika. Monografija. Vilnius,. TEV. . būklę, veiklos rezultatus ir pinigų srautus pagal buhalterinę apskaitą ir finansinių ataskaitų sudarymą.

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Sectoral Professional Committee of Finance and Insurance, http: Cause-related marketing as a commercially and socially oriented activity: Open as Excel file Print.

The impact of investment horizon on the return and risk on investments in securities in Lithuania. Architecture, construction Landscape architecture Objects designing and their design Interior design Graphic design Fashion.

Michie British Banking Pilna kaina: Kees Camfferman, Stephen A. Art technology and performance.

Faculty of Economics

The effect of second pillar pension to old age pension: Consumer Behaviour Tendencies in a Dynamic Environment. A new model with regime switching errors: Zeff Publication year Pages Out of stock, please order, delivery within Lithuania in weeks. Brown Backstage Wall Street Pilna kaina: Baltic Journal of Economics. Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies, v ol. Out of stock, please order, delivery within Lithuania in weeks.

Proceedings of the 9 th international conference Business and ManagementMay 12—13, Vilnius. When faced with an innovative product, consumers buhalteriine adoption barriers that can be reduced by product knowledge, encouragements, information, or consumption experiences of others including family members. Efficiency of regional economic development in the process of the EU integration. Marketing and Management of Innovationsbuhalterime 2, p. The project is aimed at analysing how income of the owners of production factors labour and capital change whith economic growth, how it is disributed among households of different demographic and economic structure, what is the impact of state institutions on population income and its differenciation.

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Objects designing and their design. At Home with White. Proposed research project covers the gap between analysis of functional distribution of income at the state level and household income at the microlevel, its dynamics and unequal distribution. Credibility of a salesperson in retailing: However, the benefits of participation directly depend not only on investment returns and life expectancy but also on the long-run indexation of the first pillar old-age pension, which is a highly politically reliant variable.

Fiscal sustainability and its impact on financial stability in Lithuania. A special interest for the last several years is given to the area of complex information needs, encompassing business intelligence, analytics, insight development and decision support.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Market competition restricting factors, anti-trust policy, economic growth and distribution of its results in the society, economic aspects of social and health policy. Environmental engineering and landscape management. Modernisation, Growth and Globalisation. Popular literature in English.


Michie Publication year Pages Out of stock, please order, delivery within Lithuania in weeks. Kuzmickas part-timeDr. Other social sciences books.


Niaura part-timeDr. Continuing the research topic Consumer Behaviour Tendencies in a Dynamic Environmentthe researchers of the department presented the findings in conferences and journal publications.

We sell dictionaries, language courses, fiction, travel guides, books about Lithuania, variuos academic titles in many languages and etc. The following targets were addressed: Triumfas ir tragedija, IV tomas.

Od Chanatu do Republiki. Requirements for financial accounting methods and financial statements were investigated for micro enterprises, analysis methods were suggested. Factors Driving Business Intelligence Culture. Factors influencing the processes of lessons learned in innovative projects. New Challenges of Economic and Business Development Consumer perceptions and consumer behaviour in transition economies. Financial statements of public sector entities: Popular literature in English Classic literature in English Foreign literature in Lithuanian Lithuanian writers’ works Biographies, aesthetics, journalism Humanitas.

Finansai ir apskaita – knygos | Humanitas

Antique Books m. Accounting in Central and Notebooks, Shopping bags, Postcards. Management and i hurdles in the development process of integrated communication between service providers and consumers. Seville, Spain, November 14— Research of economic, social and demographic challenges facing Lithuania and Europe was continued in