The HTML manual is a version of the user guide that you can view using your web browser. Related documents such as the network and software user guides . Under the supervision of Brother Industries Ltd., this manual has been compiled . Automatic duplex printing (HLCDN/HLCDN/HLCDW only). Home ยท United Kingdom; HLCDN. Support & Downloads. HLCDN. Downloads. Download the latest drivers, utilities and firmware. FAQs &.

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Printing Methods About paper Type and size of paper The printer loads paper from the installed paper tray or the multi-purpose tray. Page 61 Print Quality You can choose the following print quality settings.

Server based management utility. If it fails to receive the information, the screen will display “”.

Put the drum unit back in the printer as follows. See Replacing the drum unit on page Open the back cover. Visit us at http: Page 68 When the printer does not receive data for a certain period of time, it enters sleep mode.

Page Using both hands, gently pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit. Printing On Thick Paper, Labels And Envelopes Printing 40050cdn thick paper, labels and envelopes For the recommended paper to use, see About paper on page 6 and Types of envelopes on page 8.

Put the belt unit back in the printer. Advanced tab Print Quality You can change the print borther as follows: Page CAUTION We recommend that you place the toner cartridges on a clean, flat surface with a piece of disposable paper underneath them in case you accidentally spill or scatter toner.

Page Put the drum unit back in the printer as follows. Page Hold the handle of the toner cartridge and pull it out of maunal drum unit.


Human readable characters are always printed with OCR-B font of 10 pitch and all the current character style enhancements are masked. In case of an emergency, you must disconnect the power cord from the power outlet to shut off the power completely. If you do not use the printer often, the paper may have been in the paper tray too long.

Unpack the new belt unit, and remove the protective cover and paper. Put your printer on a flat, stable surface such as a desk that is free of vibration and shocks. Moving the printer or shipping it without properly removing the installed supplies can result in SEVERE damage to the printer. This setting helps you to improve color density by letting the printer driver use the color calibration data stored in your printer.

Don’t show me this message again. To avoid any inconvenience, you may want to buy spare consumable items before the printer stops printing.

Match the h mark on the belt unit to the g mark on the printer. Identifying your problem First, check the following: Usually, the opening side of the paper ream package is the print side. Page Routine Maintenance Push the drum unit in until it stops.

Brother HL HL-4050CDN User Manual

Connecting a camera as a storage device Even if your camera is not in PictBridge mode, or does not support PictBridge, you can broyher your camera as a normal storage device. When the printer does not receive data for a certain period of time, it enters sleep mode. Print Settings You can change settings by choosing a setting in the Print Settings list: Check if the printer has any printer alarms. Please visit us at http: Mwnual 22 Put the paper tray firmly back in the printer.

Multi-protocol on-board ethernet print server and wireless ieee Shows the sub firmware version. Page 4 Doing this may cause a fire or electrical shock. Page Push the gray lever on the left hand side 1 to the right. Page Using the green handles manuall the drum unit back over.



Page Troubleshooting Close the fuser cover 1 and lift the tabs at the left and right hand sides. Unpack the brothrr toner cartridge. When loading paper in the MP tray, make sure that the paper stays under the maximum paper height guides on both sides of the tray.

Chooses whether to feed paper from the MP tray as a priority. Make sure that the release lever of the fuser unit is in the closed position. The AC power cord is connected properly and the printer is turned on. Page 7 Toner cartridges We recommend that you place the drum unit on a clean, flat surface with a piece of disposable paper underneath it in case manula accidentally spill manuak scatter toner.

More Cleaning the drum unit. Remove the printed even-numbered pages from the output tray and put them back in the paper tray with the side to be printed on blank side face down.

Manuals | HLCDN | Vietnam | Brother

Pull the drum unit out from the printer and pull all the toner cartridge out from the drum unit. Cleaning The Corona Wires If you have print quality problems, clean the corona wires as follows: Recommendation Add optional memory. Page 71 Open the Printer Setup Utility icon. Page Release the gray lock lever 1 that is on the left side of the printer.

Page 51 5 minutes. Exposure to direct sunlight or room manula may damage the drum unit.