By: Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes | December 12, El texto sintetiza el alcance del bloque de constitucionalidad en Colombia, como figura que permite la. César rodríguez garavito, La gLobaLizaCión deL estado de dereCHo (). rodrigo uPrimny yePes, bLoque de ConstituCionaLidad, dereCHos Humanos y. Conforme a esta acepción, el bloque de constitucionalidad estaría conformado no sólo por el articulado de la Cf. Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes, a. TC.

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Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Abr 7, At the same time, the language of law provides a critique of systems that fail to provide equal rights for all in a universalizing discourse as well as an arena in which to challenge subordination.

I’ll be really very grateful. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Feb 27, In addition, the law has the power to orchestrate, mediate, and contain political struggles. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Ene 7, Furthermore, monocultures and intensive agriculture entail environmental and social costs.

rodrigo uprimny bloque de constitucionalidad pdf

Yepex asymmetric situation is central to Marc Galanter’s explanation of why the “haves” tend to come ahead. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Jun 7, She emphasized that members of the community of Las Pavas did not file any criminal complaint in or Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Jun 16, Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Dic 10, Therefore, law shapes and constrains political struggles.

Upeimny protection of the Las Pavas community’s rights in this new criminal investigation will depend on the willingness of the prosecutor to represent victims’ interests and ensure their rights. Colombia, Serie CJudgment of September 15, Almonacid-Arellano’s death, attribute responsibilities, and punish all those who turn out to be participants.


Block of constitutionality, human rights and the new penal procedure | Dejusticia

Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Ago 25, Bloque de constitucionalidad y proceso de The CPC also established that the state had to pay the expenses constitucionxlidad collecting evidence asked by victims. Global Studies in Culture and Power, Competencia de la Corte. Bloque de Constitucionalidad, Derechos Humanos y As a result, subordinate groups have mobilized rights to contest power using the discourse of law, not only within the legal arena, but also for political resistance as a source of standards.

In the region, there is a broad conflict between two rural development models.

Land Disputes and Problems of Property Titling. The unprotecting and disempowering potential of law and human rights in the Las Pavas case. Fri Sep 25, 8: This criminalization involves a powerful system of discipline and control. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Oct 25, Desplazamiento de las Pavas.

Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Feb 2, Should Courts enforce social rights? Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes May 7, Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Dic 11, Background – The Las Pavas case. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Nov 1, In addition, the reframing of the legal and political claims has provided powerful tools and increased the national visibility of the case. The asymmetric relationship has affected possibilities of achieving a negotiated solution to the conflict. This counter-hegemonic use of law increases the chance that the law will become an instrument —among others— of social emancipation.

It cannot seem to be so without upholding its own logic and criteria of equity; indeed, on occasion, by actually being just. The Court highlighted that peasants from Las Pavas were victims of forced displacement, and thus they were particularly vulnerable and deserved special constitutional protection.


Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Oct 27, Colombia, Serie CJudgment of September 15,par. Rodrigo Uprimny Universidad Nacional de Colombia De la Universidad del Rosario.

As a result, people may manipulate legal rhetoric in courts and in other sites of oppositional practice to resist domination. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Nov 13, For instance, invoking the prosecutor’s decision in the Las Pavas case, some state representatives cancelled previous decisions that protected peasants’ rights, such as the humanitarian aid provided by some state agencies. Sin embargo, este argumento es equivocado al menos por dos razones: Moreover, the protection of rights is contingent because it depends on the results of the competition and interaction of diverse actors in the juridical field.

Almonacid-Arellano’s name and a brief summary of the circumstances of his execution. On one hand, it may offer a political space for reform founded on a language legitimated by a global consensus, and rodriigo it possesses a protecting and empowering potential.

Thus, ordinary citizens and many local activists increasingly frame their moral, political, social, and economic claims in the language of human rights.