4 Jun A Guatemalan non-profit that produces “bicimaquinas,” or bicycle-powered machines. The income-generating devices range from blenders to. His organization, established in , has created at least 16 different kinds of pedal-powered machines, or bicimaquinas, using recycled bikes and parts. 19 Apr Bicimaquinas are bicycle-powered machines used as an informal, low-tech substitute for instruments that require electricity, which is too costly.

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Bike repair services are also offered to locals, and if a bike is deemed fixable, the workshop will revive it and sell it. The machines themselves are made from the refuse of bicycles: Sign up now and have it sent straight to your inbox. The challenge of constructing the bicicuchilladora belonged to Victor, a teenager hired by Carlos.

Bicimaquinas are easy and enjoyable to use. So far, we have developed several original designs that have proven to be both functional and economical. Other Central American countries report similar numbers.

Internationally We are supported by a number of international organizations and accept volunteers with a range of skills and interests. Corn mills, water pumps, blenders and more: Biciamquinas the outer shell of the coffee bean allowing small-scale farmers to then roast their own beans in the sun. This international organization has 1. We have a busy workshop staffed by locals and by volunteers from around the World. Daily and Weekly newsletters available.


Related Content on Treehugger. A prototype tool for wood artesans that helps save time, money, and materials. Build Instructions Sketchup bicjmaquinas.

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Bicimaquinas: The bike machines of Guatemala | TreeHugger

A small turbine drags against the rear wheel, propelling a wire that runs all the way to a wooden bicimaquinaa affixed to the handlebars. Take your laundry to the spin class with the Bike Washing Machine.

Produced by local non-profit company Maya Pedalthe bicimaquinas are made up of old bicycle frames and transformed into all types of devices from blenders and pumps to milling machines and trailers. The rear wheel of a standard bicycle is lifted off the ground by a specialized stand, so a user can comfortably pedal the bicycle in a fixed spot.

Cheap to produce, these tiles have a great potential as the basis for a small business. In many parts of the world, however, bikes have become the starting point for innovative hacks that are intended to reduce manual labor, increase productivity and serve as a tool for economic empowerment.

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The bicibomba water pump has the bici,aquinas benefits. We custom build both front-loading and rear-loading tricycles and a variety of trailers for hauling both human and non-human cargo. FAO is located in Chiquimula and is working with Maya Pedal to develop a machine to assist jute fiber extraction from agave leaves. Sign up to our newsletter. Peruvian farmers harvest water from fog.

If you find bicimaqunas useful, please make a donation. More on reinventive design: Informal settlements in developing countries have to rely on open wood and charcoal fires or paraffin stoves to prepare their daily meals. These emerging projects address critical issues such as access to clean air, food and water, shelter, health care, energy, education, social justice and the promotion of peace.

The bicilicuadora blender has emerged as perhaps the most ubiquitous design. The Mobile Water Pump Fits on a bike and can be taken anywhere. Without this bridge, the fabrication would not be possible.