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So Mama smiled and while fulfilling. Instead of succumbing to the sanskar of relaxing, you should continuously sustain that thought by ruminating upon it.

Sakash Arthat – Avyakt BapDada Murli clip by Brahma Kumaris Official | Free Listening on SoundCloud

So then you are free from all bondages. Constantly check the activities of your kingdom. Then Baba asked everyone: Once a thought is waste then automatically and certainly, your treasure goes to waste.

You now simply have to renounce your sanskars. Put forth a firm determined thought; determination most certainly brings about success. Create such a plan of wonders. The slogan for fast effort is: You have become free from asking for them and have also been liberated from having any thoughts of them.

At the present time the extreme clean and perfect stage is coming close.

There will be no need for the matter to be discussed. While walking and moving along, I, the soul, am detached from the body and loved by the Father. Move forward in the avhakt of your rights. Therefore if you want to be cooperative with all, or if you wish to receive cooperation from all souls, what is the easy effort required?

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Internally, baprada matter how much difference there may be, the self knows it, why would we go into that? Each one is visible as being worthy of worship. The land of firm inculcation is lacking, and again and again there is lack of fertilizer.

To see that you are proper emperors, have you not? Now you require the ability to apply a full stop to thought. The basis for waste thoughts arising is insufficiency of pure thoughts, pure ideas, and lack in your treasure of knowledge.

You need this degree of the power to transform. Do you experience yourselves gapdada be the carefree emperors who avyaktt constantly on the bed of happiness in the world of happiness? So, what are the children doing? Since you have the cooperation of all the powers, and you experience cooperation from all souls, would it be difficult for such a soul who is the embodiment of power, to cut any bondages? Whatever you do will be invested.

01/04/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 07/05/83

This power of pure thoughts finishes off waste thoughts easily. The flow of waste and negative thoughts also tires your intellect.

If such a thought arises, then do not give it space to persist; do not allow it to be sustained. Their thinking and doing are equal.

Avyakt BapDada old Murli Audio clips – Brahma Kumaris

You should experience this a lot more. To consider the mistake of another to be your own is the key to making the gathering strong. Lust means waste drishti.


Bapdada is always cooperative with the children. What BapDada is describing, the whole gathering is sitting in such a way, as though the angels have truly come down here on earth from up above. You are the images of the support for the world, and the images to uplift the world, that is, you are the world benefactors.

Then your desire to gain an achievement through making hard effort acyakt each individual personally will be finished. In order to serve in your form of a bestower of blessings, first you need to have pure thoughts within yourself, this is a prerequisite. Avyzkt method for ensuring this is to keep your mind constantly busy bapdsda service of the mind, through words and in physical service. Then that queue will begin.

Those who were not stable in the avyakt stage did not fully recognise avyakt bapdada murli invaluable jewel. The reason is that though you produce a thought to offer up, yet together with engendering that thought, you do not provide the care that is required.

It also takes time to erase them; svyakt takes time and you remain deprived of the blessings and boons of Bapdada.