9 May The Hall of RPG Oddities: The Arduin Grimoire (Okay there is ONE NSFW image in this because I got bored and ran out of pictures). 16 Aug I am not sure how to add members again. However, the Google+ group has just about everything that is in Yahoo! Arduin and more. I am trying. Volume 1 First of nine volumes in the original Arduin set of rules. Later printings do not have Erol Otus art.

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Be careful with your weapons – they cut in two directions, and your friends are often more vulnerable than your foes. In all melee, battle, or arvuin situations, the prime thing to remember is that you must react.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Recent History Arduin Grimoire Trilogy. There’s a chart, for example, for “thieves, monks, ninja, corsairs, arduinn, traders, slavers, rangers, and all those with a more or less ‘secret’ nature. Jewel Hefner rated it really liked it Jan 28, And a whole lot more!

The man had 6 children to feed! I am trying to figure out a way to preserve it. June 24, at 9: The contents of the three books is there, but it isn’t in the same order. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. The Grimoire Issue 1 – Spring Please log in to add or reply to comments. The magazines will give you an expanded insight into what Is happening in the fantasy gaming world and the fanzine will allow you to contact and correspond with garners worldwide.

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Arduin Grimoire Fantasy Card Collection – Emperors Choice |

Refresh and try again. Does anyone have a preference for an alternate forum? The Arduin Grimoire Average Rating: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Containing all the material and text as originally written and published over a period of years, now organized into one volume for [ When you are logged in look under the Management tab and go down to Manage Invitations, once you ardin selected that you will see it say Invite Members and below that it will say: New rules, monsters, items, spells, character classes, races and more… all from the World of Arduin, for use in any and ALL role playing game systems – past present and future!

For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of grimoige book.

Several notable illustrators worked on Arduin materials at various times over the years, including the following:. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Price lists areuin most anything your character might want or need. Snow-covered tundras slope up to pine-covered mountains under a deep blue sky. The Arduin Trilogy covers. Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or grmioire no longer available from the publisher.

The back of the monster cards contain detailed descriptions complete with stats compatible with any fantasy role playing system while the artifact and weapon cards contain a handy form so that you can customize them with your own special brand of magik! Sell us your stuff? Hence his continuing to run “Compleat Arduin” which is the last version directly written by Dave Hargrave.


Rules for a variety of firearms, including pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, muzzle-loading cannon, mod era artillery and energy weaponry.

Log In with Facebook. I limited races a bit. The steaming doom, bursting disease, and black bloat are good, too. Fagan, Little, Brown And Co. Also, amazons, orcs, kobolds, dragons, demons lesser and greateretc.

Once subversive, the Arduin Grimoire’s influence reaches today’s games

All from a book originally proposed by Chaosium as arduim introductory volume they eventually published Basic Roleplaying instead as Arduin really did not fit what they were looking for. It still amazed me four sessions later when they had gone far and had a mass of handouts full of hints on where to go next and how to get there that a pause in the action triggered a long head scratching session about what arduiin do next. Hargrave was very active in the role-playing community. Bob, Thanks for the kind words.