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Increase the coffee quantity — The grinding texture is set too coarse. AEG cannot accept any liability for any damage caused by the use of other descalants. The indicator illuminates, and at bedienungsanlditung same time, the “Coffee machine heating” indicator Fig.

Descal- ing tablets can be obtained from your dealer E-No.

Search: Bedienungsanleitung fur die AEG CaFamosa CF – view online |

You should also use a cold jug, and not rinse this with hot water. The mechanism sets to the required function. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection. Entkalkungsstabletten erhalten Sie im Fachhandel E-Nr. Press the latching button caffamosa and slide the coffee-making unit back for around another 1 cm until the latching button engages Fig.

Cleaning the coffee-making unit 0 To clear coarse particles contamina- tion from the coffee-making unit, pull the white service lever down to the stop and open the coffee-making unit Fig. The coffee machine should be regularly descaled, every months, but no later than when the “Descale” key Fig.

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The cleaning process finishes after approximately 8 minutes, when the “Clean” key Fig. Make sure that no foreign bod- ies, such as stones, enter the coffee bean container.

We advise you to place the coffee machine on a suitable mat to prevent damage being caused by spray and splashes. Hardness 1, soft up to 1.

AEG CaFamosa CF 85

Qeg the water is being heated approx. Turn the service lever to close the coffee-making unit. This is shown by all the indicator lights coming on Bedienungssnleitung. Only put in ground coffee for the next cup when the brewing process has completely finished and the coffee machine is ready.

To do this, gently pull up the catch. Hot water or steam output can cause scalding. Now individual indicator lights start to flash in sequence, showing the number of cups made: Kein oder ein Feld rosa: The indicator light now goes out.

AEG CaFamosa CF 220

The nozzle should not be allowed to touch the bottom of cafzmosa jug, since this would prevent the steam escaping. The service cover opens at the front Fig. If your coffee cups or awg taste change, you can easily change the cup measure s to your new requirements, whenever you want. Danger of burns from the frothing aid!

Werkseitig ist ein mittlerer Mahlgrad eingestellt. All information such as file size, preview picture, category manual, model and more, you can find below. Before putting beans into the coffee machine for the first time, you can set the grinding texture once with the grinder stationary.


Danger of scalding when the hot water nozzle is activated! Release the “Descale” key. Completely remove any encrusted coffee remains from the coffee-making unit and reduce the coffee quantity. Repairs to electrical appliances must be carried out only by qualified service engineers. Preparing the coffee machine for phase 2 Phase 1 of the descaling process fin- ishes after around 36 minutes. Make sure that no foreign bod1 ies, such as stones, enter the coffee bean container.

Fill the water tank with cold water. Activate the hot water nozzle only when a container is under the hot water nozzle. You can choose between five switch- off times automatic switch-off after 1 to 5 hours.

While the coffee is being ground, use the Lever for setting grinding texture Page: Do not add coffee during the brewing process. Froth the milk until the vol- ume has at least doubled. The coffee machine includes a stone detector. The cup measures are indicated as follows: