1 Jun A history of India, Volume 1. Front Cover. Romila Thapar Romila Thapar is Professor Emeritus in History at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New. Romila Thapar 1 star This is Volume Two of a history of India since the earliest times, picking up the story at the commencement of the Mughal period. A History of India, Volume 1. Front Cover. Romila the author (). Romila Thapar is Emeritus Professor of History at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

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Some of the things that strikes a reader after completion of the book which is quite a herculean task in itself are as follows; 1 It is striking that the authors of the holy Hindu scriptures who had written inria Vedas etc had failed to mention the existence of such a striking urban civilization like Harappa.

Rojila one took me much longer than I expected, but there is a lot of dense information packed into this small volume. She also artfully critiques the political manipulation of certain historical narratives from this period and instead posits for a more a nuanced and balanced historical understanding. If you ask me where to catch the bus, do I say “it is likely that the bus will continue to arrive in the traditional location, and it would possibly do so at approximately the same time as it has previously.

It might have been that they could not decipher the Harappan script, but that they had failed to show any cognizance of this magnificent civilization reveals their limitations. I like the fact that she covers the sources archeological, literary of how we know what we know about history. I’d recommend to inria the works of better historians, like R. Hisrory of culture through arts is also well shown.

My spouse bought this book while in India, and in the back, we can read ovlume sale in the Indian Subcontinent and Singapore only”.


Well Being In India: Max Weber Not an engaging text yet worth keeping for histiry magnificent timeline Much to talk about the positive aspects of this book. The newcomers established numerous kingdoms, including the Delhi Sultanate, the most significant empire of the period, although at first they made few converts to their faith, with the result that predominantly Hindu populations found themselves under the rule of Muslim overlords. Without digressing to unnecessary details and smoothly weaving a story across the cultural and economic development of the Indian subcontinent, the book is true to its name.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Penguin Books- India – pages. Now perhaps it is unfair to say that Percival Spear has written a Jan 28, Balaji Rathakrishnan rated it liked it. Speaking of vague, this book is infuriatingly so. Jan 29, Krishna rated it really liked it. Pages with related products.

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A History of India: Volume 1 (Penguin History): Romila Thapar: : Books

History as a subject is not something which you define or understand with a simple one-sided linear view or approach. The author throws light and critically analyse these intricate details which many books I have read lacked, she also guides us to conclusions which again was never put forward in other books on the same subject.

A must read for any amateur historian interested in Indian history. From the Stone Age to the 12th Century. Third Edition Oxford India Perennials.

When I asked a friend from India for a good overview of Indian history, she recommended this one. The book discusses economic developments, but not in a heavy-handed way and without detracting histoey the more prominently discussed yistory history. View or edit your browsing history.

Overall a good read for a serious reader wanting a concise and complete introduction to Indian history. For myself, I will stick with vilume as my way in to the history of India, especial This is a comprehensive history and densely packed history of India with a flavouring of historiography thrown in, since basically the author feels that some other histories have been to concerned with creating a nationalist history.


Also, i felt the author belittles hindu mythology and puranas. Here’s how terms and conditions apply. I felt like I was reading my school textbooks wait, they were better!

But I guess that is compensated by the extensive bibliography that is provided at the end that is categorised by the different approaches to writing history. Comprehensive history of India from prehistory to the beginning of the Mughal period of the s. What I want to know is, is she telling me something, or is she guessing?

Aug 11, Vijay Bharwad added it. Thus, the oldest existing temples all date to the post-Gupta period, especially to the competitive temple building in the period, when dynasties used religious endowments to burnish their ruling credentials.

In religious sphere it covers all the lasing and impactful milestones like the emergence of Vedas, Upanishads and the Epics, rise of Buddhism and Jainism and emergence, spread of the Bhakti movement and Sufism.

So much so that in almost every paragraph I had to look for a dictionary.

A History of India, vol. 1: From Origins to 1300

From the origins to AD by Romila Thapar is probably the most authoritative book I have read on this topic. Her recent work on Somnath examines the evolution of the historiographies about the legendary Gujarat temple. Unfortunately, there is an utter lack of wit, humor, wonder, passion, fhapar A History of India, vol.