View and Download Chevrolet Impala Impala owner’s manual online. Chevrolet Impala Owner Manual. Impala Chevrolet Impala Automobile. Impala Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Chevrolet Impala automobile Chevrolet Impala Owners Manuals. Chevrolet Impala Owners Manual [Chevrolet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory issued glove box manual. Information within .

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Tar and Road Removes tar, road oil, Oil Remover and asphalt. Some add-on electrical equipment can keep other components from working as they should. Page 33 What is wrong with this?

There is an airbag readiness light on the instrument panel cluster, i,pala shows the airbag symbol. Delayed Exit Lighting This feature illuminates the interior for a period of chvy after the key is removed from the ignition. If it is used for anything else, you or others cehvy be badly injured or killed if the vehicle slips off the jack.

Page Using these settings together for long periods of time may cause the air inside of your vehicle to become too dry. Inspect engine accessory drive belt. Additional windshield breakage may also occur from the right front passenger airbag. Page 95 Remote Trunk Release: Your odometer shows how far your vehicle has been driven in either miles used in the United States or in kilometers used in Canada.


When you want to leave the freeway, move to the proper lane well in advance. If you have a pre-determined repair facility of choice, take your vehicle there, or have it towed there.

2007 Chevrolet Impala Service Manual Download?

Overheated Engine Protection Operating Mode This emergency operating mode allows your vehicle to be driven to a safe place in an emergency situation. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants on page chsvy The tools you will need to change a tire include the jack Aextension and protection guide Band wheel mahual C.

Changing a tire can be dangerous. Your wheel could fall off, causing a serious accident. Sometimes the engine can get a little too hot when you: Or is it just plain falling asleep at the wheel?

Chevrolet Impala Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

ERROR This message displays while viewing the odometer or trip odometers if there is a problem with the instrument panel cluster. If your child restraint manufacturer recommends using a top ipala, attach and tighten the top tether to the top tether anchor.

Press this button to scroll through the following menu items Section 5 Tire Pressure Monitor System If you need to secure a forward-facing child restraint in the right front seat position, move the seat as far back as it will go before securing the forward-facing child restraint.

Research shows that the driving manhal of many people are impaired at a BAC approaching 0.


There are cupholders on the underside of the seat cushion. Center Front Passenger Position Lap Belt If your vehicle has a front bench seat, someone can sit in the center position.

The compact spare is for temporary use only. If you have to get close to your vehicle before the transmitter works, it is probably time to change the battery.

Others require the top tether always to be attached.

Chevrolet Impala Auto Repair Manual – ChiltonDIY

Where Chevt Put The Restraint Where to Put the Restraint Accident statistics show that children are safer if they are restrained in the rear rather than the front seat. You should check the engine oil level regularly; It also tells you some things you should not do with safety belts. Replacement blades come in different types and are removed in different ways.

You may drive very short distances only a few times a week. You will want to watch out for what the other drivers are doing and pay attention to traffic signals. The volume can still be adjusted by using the volume knob.